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Discover career opportunities at the world's largest building society.

PRIDE in what we do

You change people's lives for the better. We do the same for yours.

As you know, organisations just like people, develop a sense of themselves, and what they are about -  an identity or, in marketing speak, a brand.

At Nationwide we have a set of values, expectations and promises that we've summarised in something special we call PRIDE. And it is PRIDE that makes our difference, our brand, come to life.  It stands for:

Putting members first

Rewarding membership

Inspiring trust

Doing the right thing

Excelling at service

And with every letter, there's a promise that we make to our customers plus a set of 'behavioural standards' (or 'behaviours' for short) that we ask of ourselves and each other to ensure we deliver on the promise. The result is, PRIDE is the mirror in which we recognise ourselves, our heart and soul.  It's that important.

So, if you're seriously considering coming to work for us, please just double check that these are the sort of values and standards you too believe in and want to live up to.