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Faith & Belief Network

Faith & Belief Network

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What we do

At Nationwide today, people of many different faiths work side by side.

Faith does play a huge part in many of our lives in the way it way it moulds our moral compass, underpins our wellbeing, builds resilience and importantly builds social networks. To overlook Faith is to misunderstand important drivers of our colleagues values, behaviours and actions.

The Faith and Belief network (FaB) recognise this and champion the interest of our colleagues by building understanding and appreciation of different faiths and beliefs.

FaB also provide a platform to our colleagues of different faiths to connect and celebrate what's important to them with the wider community, thereby helping our colleagues to belong and bring their whole self to work.

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Zafar's Ramadan experience

Ramadan is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. Muslims devote themselves to their faith and community, teach self-discipline, show compassion towards the poor, and focus on the values of empathy and generosity.
We recently spoke with Zafar, Senior Branch Manager, who shared with us his first-hand experience of Ramadan, and what it means to him:

"As a Muslim, I hold this month close to my heart. I, like other Muslims, take advantage of the month by focusing more on my faith and my relationship with God. It is a time for reflection, self-discipline, charity, and community. During Ramadan, my days are full of joy and excitement, it’s a time where my family and I come together to pray and recollect.

At work it’s pretty much business as usual. Not much changes for me. I maintain my prayers as I
normally would and stay mindful of how I behave around others. As the afternoon draws closer, naturally concentration levels drop and so I rearrange my complex activities to the next day where I am less fatigued and tired.

As the working day draws to a close, I aim to get home at a reasonable time which gives me an
opportunity to meditate for a while and play with my children.

I have been with the Society over 16 years and feel the support from colleagues has continually increased. Nationwide has increased their input in making colleagues aware of how to be more supporting of Muslim colleagues and line managers and there has been a policy changes in relations to Ramadan and Prayers".

Embracing diversity, celebrating differences, being inclusive. So you can be you.