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Gender Equalities Matter

Gender Equalities Matter

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Our vision is two-fold: firstly, for Nationwide to be a place in which men and women are equal and truly free to fulfil their potential creating a stronger, happier, better future for us all. We support our members and work collaboratively across the Society to enable a happier, better future for us all, regardless of gender. Beyond this, we see Nationwide as being a champion and campaigner externally, for gender equality – driving change for the mutual good of all.

We drive this through these key areas of focus across the Society - gender equality,  transgender colleague and member experience, understanding our data, women in tech and flexible working for everyone.


Did you know that an estimated 900,000 women in the UK left their jobs, often at the peak of their careers’, because of menopausal symptoms? Often at the 'peak of their careers', when they are most likely to be eligible for senior management positions.  At Nationwide we want to support and uplift people’s wellbeing so they can bring their whole selves to work and flourish in all aspects of their lives. As part of this commitment to inclusion, diversity, and wellbeing, we've signed the Menopause Workplace Pledge. The network has also worked closely with our Human Resources department to create a comprehensive guide to support colleagues going through menopause and their managers. We also designed our 2021 Branch uniforms with menopause in mind, using innovative materials proven to regulate body temperature -  cooling you down if you get too hot and warming you up if you get too cold, keeping you comfortable.

#BreakTheBias - Gender Equality at Nationwide

NBS Contact Centre

I wasn't aware what was happening to me at first.

I work within the branch network and started my perimenopausal stage a few years ago. I knew I wasn't myself and I was unpredictable socially, emotionally and physically. After working for Nationwide for nearly 10 years, I knew there would be some support and I have been able to have really honest and open conversations with my people leader so he truly understands the impact this stage of my life is having on me and how he can help me. He listens, offers help and then checks back in later. This support has been really enabling and powerful in helping me deal with this! The new uniform is amazing! The new menopause friendly tops really help with with my temperature regulation and I feel so much more comfortable in them than any uniform I have had yet! The Healthy Mind Champions have offered talking sessions with groups of people that have given us opportunities to share our experiences and not feel so alone on this journey. 

Debra, Senior Branch Manager

Supporting men with talking about their wellbeing...

Social expectations and traditional gender roles can contribute to men's reluctance to ask for help or discuss vulnerable topics. The Man2Man group are working to breakdown the barriers that have been placed around the topics that have wrongfully been deemed taboo and create safe spaces for men to talk about male mental health. The idea is to encourage engagement from men who feel unsupported, uncertain if they need further support or do not feel comfortable reaching out to their existing support network. There is a Safe Space group meeting where men can talk about everything and anything. There is also a network of volunteers that are available for one-to-one conversations and provide a listening ear for those who need it. 


Pronoun badges

In collaboration with the Proud Employee Network, GEM started to roll out pronouns on name badges across our branches and thousands of colleagues have their pronouns on their email signatures too.  Hear from co-chair of the network Ian, on why he has chosen to display his pronouns. 

Pronoun Badge (002) (1)

As a dad of four daughters, one of whom is transgender, it's important for me to display my pronouns as it normalises and protects those trans and gender diverse people when they include theirs. Having pronouns available on our name badges signals the wearer is an LGBTQIA+ ally and demonstrates support for all our members and colleagues too. Showing your pronouns tells everyone you come across that you won't assume their gender, which is important because we believe in society that's built on mutual respect

Ian, co-chair of GEM network