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Proud Network

Proud Network

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What We Do

The Proud Network exists to supports LGBTQ+ colleagues and members. We work with the other Employee networks and external organisations to deliver activity and events that inform, educate and inspire! Embracing inclusion and wellbeing so that everyone can thrive is key to our culture here at Nationwide, so we take the opportunity to shine a spotlight on all things LGBTQ+.

From Pride marches, to presentations to senior leadership, and sponsorship of UK Student Pride and UK Black Pride, we aim to bring an intersectional lens to all things diversity and inclusion. We also help to shape Nationwide policies, organise fun social events, celebrate our role models and make the Society a better place to work. We have an active Allies program and warmly welcome anyone who would like to get involved


Being a part of an LGBTQ+ network and inclusive Society is more than just acceptance to me, it’s the ability to openly be your whole self at work without fear of judgement. I’m proud to be a part of a workplace that actively supports, encourages and promotes diversity.


Felix, Business Support Analyst

Celebrating an icon

In celebration of Pride month and the release of the new polymer £50 featuring World War II hero and computer engineering pioneer, Alan Turing, our Proud network held a session discussing his life, achievements, and struggles. Alan Turing's life is shockingly poignant, the man who worked tirelessly with a team of code breakers to shorten the war by an estimated two years saving thousands of lives, was subjected to an unthinkable punishment for being gay.

We know that our employees are placing more value on being able to bring their whole selves to work, looking for careers that give them variety, diversity of experience and a real sense of meaning and purpose. Turing’s story is an extreme reminder of the potential that can be lost when people are not accepted.