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Early Career Secondary RGB

Online assessment info

Online assessment info

Sova Online Assessment Queries

Before starting the online assessments, please take a look at our Candidate Preparation Hub to find out more about our assessments and also to help with any technical support. Not all browsers are compatible with the tests and so we’ve provided all the info you’ll need to help you avoid and resolve any tech issues on the hub in one handy guide.

I'm still having technical problems with the online assessments after reviewing the Candidate Preparation Hub, who do I contact?

For technical support, please contact the Sova support team directly at

What are each of the online assessments that I need to complete?
  1. A situational judgement questionnaire to understand how you make decisions at work.
  2. A personality questionnaire which will capture information on your preferred working style and behaviours at work.
  3. A cognitive ability test designed to assess cognitive traits that are critical in the workplace today.

If you have applied to one of our Early Careers Finance roles, you will also be asked to complete a numerical reasoning test which is an assessment of your ability to work through, interpret and analyse numerical data.

If you pass these online assessments, you will also be asked to complete a short video assessment.

How are my results calculated?

When these tests are scored, your responses are compared to a norm group of other people who have taken the test. Comparing your scores like this gives an indication of your relative performance compared to others.

How can I find out how well I performed?

After completing the online assessments, a feedback report will become available for you to review on the assessment platform. Please note the feedback report will not advise if you have been successful, and we will let you know the outcome of your online assessments within 10 working days.

What can I improve for next time?

In the feedback report you receive after completing the online assessments, you will be provided with an overview of your strengths and also your development areas to help you improve your skills for the future.