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Happily hybrid: We're reimagining our world of work. Teams who were office-based now ‘locate for their day’. Find out more >

Future of Work

Future of Work

Jane Hanson Nationwide Tcm27 89873

Jane Hanson, Chief People Officer

"As we go forward to build our future of work, we’ll achieve even greater things because we’ll do it together. I have every confidence that Nationwide will prove work is no longer a place we go, but something we do with passion and dedication."

Work is what we do, not a place that we go

Two years since the pandemic hit, we're continuing to learn from the hurried changes we all made to how and where we work, and planning for a future that adopts the positives that have emerged. 

Last year, working with other leading organisations, we published our Future of Work Report, covering a range of topics on how the UK might respond to the challenges – and opportunities - presented by the pandemic. From how we work, how we live, how we look after our financial wellbeing and how we thrive as communities. This included surveying our own employees' views and experiences.

As a result, we've introduced a 'locate for our day' approach focussed on how our people can do their best work rather than where they are based. It's a hybrid approach, led by whether the work at hand is best accomplished by having our 'heads up', 'heads down' or 'heads together'.

  • Is the focus of your day a 'head's together' project where meeting up with your team in person at one of our hub locations will be most effective?
  • Or do you have 'heads down' tasks you want to focus on uninterrupted at home?
  • Or, as many days are, is it about being 'heads up' and staying involved in conversations? So you might want to start the day at home attending online meetings; then visit an office to collaborate with colleagues; before returning home for a hybrid event.

It's all about being led by the work individuals and their teams are doing, about flexibility, understanding and respecting the needs of others, and working as a collective to deliver the best results for our members. 

Alex Brammer

Gen Z: it's all about balance

As part of our Future of Work research, half of Gen Z and a quarter of Millennials interviewed said that working from home five days a week for a sustained period has put extra pressure on their health and wellbeing and more than half of Millennials said their overall mental health has worsened during the pandemic. We caught up with Alex, who joined the Society last year as part of Nationwide's Graduate Scheme, to find out how he's found lockdown and working remotely

"I'm just come to the end of my first placement and it's strange to think I've never seen a single one of my co-workers in the flesh!
"Adapting to new ways of working has been a learning process for everyone, and it took much longer to get to know everyone than it probably would have done otherwise. You don't see what the other people in your team are working on like you would in an office, so it's difficult to get a big picture view of everything the team's doing. You miss out on some learning opportunities and the social dimension of the office working from home, and that's a shame.
"There's been loads of help available, from Unmind which Nationwide have provided colleagues access to, and wellbeing support to something as simple as regular social sessions with my team and with other grads. I've also had a great line manager who checks in on how I'm doing regularly.
"There's definitely benefits to working remotely (no commute!), but I think it's hard to connect with people. For me, what would work best is a blended approach – coming into the office a few days a week mixed with a couple of days working from home depending on wherever you're going to do your best work. I think that kind of flexibility is the future."