Previous competency framework

Competencies before 19 November 2018

Member Focus – We put members at the heart of everything we do, delivering fair outcomes for all our members – this is our Mutual difference

Make Good Decisions - We gather and analyse key information to make timely and informed decisions that benefit the business

Innovate – We think broadly about the future, providing fresh thinking and creating new solutions to achieve competitive edge

Drive for Results – We are focused on delivering results that support a healthy and sustainable business

Lead your People – We provide vision and engage and enable our people to achieve it

Create High Performance - We raise the bar on performance across the business, holding others to account whilst providing feedback and support

Build Collaboration – We recognise we are inter-dependent and work together to achieve results for the good of the Society as a whole

Influence Others - We use our understanding of the audience and situation to communicate in an appropriate and impactful manner

Understand Self – We take time to understand ourselves so that we can leverage our strengths and manage our weaknesses to be at our best

Understand Others – We take the time to truly understand other people so we can be more effective working with others

Be Agile - We respond effectively to changing circumstances and help others to embrace change so we can maintain a competitive edge

Build Trust – We act with integrity and confidence so that others can trust us to deliver results.

Depending on the position you're applying for, there may be the need for a further interview or assessment. Details of this will be provided to you by your Resourcing Consultant at the appropriate time.

Previous Nationwide Behaviours can be found here.