Sheffield Contact Centre


Our Sheffield contact centre

Our Sheffield office is in the heart of the city, surrounded by lively restaurants and shops, it’s perfectly positioned for local workers and new opportunities are always available for both students and professionals.

We work in small teams, providing customer support for our network of branches, meaning you could be dealing with a broad range of questions relating to Banking, Savings, Mortgage or general Branch queries. We want our staff to be happy and productive, so we offer comfortable break areas with flat-screen TVs and plenty of free teas and coffees.

Roles in Sheffield

The Sheffield contact centre specialises in taking calls for all of our branches. When customers call their personal branch, they’ll be redirected to us so we can handle queries, book appointments and act as the branch back office.

The work is all about people, not paperwork, so you'll spend 90% of your time helping customers over the phone. We'll give you all the training you need so you'll need to be enthusiastic and happy to help our customers resolve any problems they have.

Those who excel in their positions will have opportunities for career progression which include management and leadership roles.

  • Full-time is 35 hours per week

“ I love the culture at Nationwide and the friendly atmosphere in Sheffield is wonderful. Teamwork is paramount & it feels like your part of a family. There is a fair and supportive management team who understand your needs and assist you in your development plan to ensure you achieve your goals. ”

Anthony, Nationwide Sheffield

You'd be working in flexible eight-hour shifts, and we update the shift rotas every two weeks. If needed, you can swap shifts around for greater freedom.

Our Customer Service careers

The perfect position for a people person, solving problems for our customers over the phone. You’ll need to listen and ask all the right questions to understand what the query is (don’t worry, we’ll give you all the training you need), then resolve this for the customer. You’ll take command and be straightforward and helpful, so our customer will know we’ve done everything possible to help them. 

Roles we in our Sheffield contact centre include:

Direct Service: The first point of contact for customers as they call our contact centre. You could be discussing any of our products or services, but we mostly hire staff into Banking and Savings or Mortgage and Banking. This position needs outgoing, customer focused problem solvers.

Finding our Sheffield office

Our Sheffield contact centre is right in the city centre, near to City Hall. The office has excellent public transport links and is easy to get to from Doncaster and Barnsley. There are plenty of cafés, restaurants and shops nearby to enjoy in your lunch break or after work.

Getting there by public transport

The town centre is very well connected to outlying areas, and the office is in easy walking distance of a tram stop, train station and several bus stops near the town hall, with regular links to Barnsley and Doncaster.

Getting there by car

The office unfortunately does not have car parking facilities.

Getting there under your own steam

If you prefer to cycle, we have a secure area for bicycle storage.

After you apply

The first thing that will happen is one of our professional recruiters will review your application. If your application matches what we’re looking for, you’ll receive an invitation to a telephone interview where we’ll talk to you more about your application and ask you a couple of questions about your skills and experience.

Once you’ve passed your telephone interview we’ll invite you in for an assessment centre, where you’ll get to see the site you’ll be working in and meet some people from your business area. These events are run for groups of candidates so you’ll also be able to meet some of the other people who’ve applied for a role with us.

After the assessment centre we’ll review your entire application and come back to you with a decision within 48 hours. All together you can expect the time from your initial application through to knowing if we can offer you a role to take around 2-3 weeks (depending on the assessment centre schedule). After this, we have a 4-week period that we use to complete background checks.

Pre-Employment Screening

Because we’re a financial services employer our hiring process can sometimes take a little longer than other employers. This is because the law requires us to carry out background checks, called Pre-Employment Screening or PES for short, and we can only start to do this once we’ve got the point of offering you a job.

You shouldn’t let this put you off. The only thing you’ll need to do is provide us with information like proof of address, proof that you have the right to live and work in the UK and provide the names of your previous employers for us to check your references with. We will also carry out a credit and background check on you. Once you’ve done that, the rest is down to us and we’ll keep you regularly updated throughout.