What's it like?

Tell us about your job Chris

What do you do?

Complaint Handler – I deal with member complaints during their first three business days and aim to make sure members get a quick and fair outcome.

Previous job?

Nightclub cleaner. I had no prior customer service experience before starting at Nationwide but that was never a problem because I was taught all the customer service skills I needed when I started training.

What training did you have?

I originally started as a telephone consultant and the training we had made sure that we had the proper knowledge by the time we took our first calls. We then had plenty of work support while we were on the phones to help with anything we were unsure about. I felt 100% supported the entire way.

Best thing?

Being a complaint handler gives me the opportunity to investigate a member’s issue and get it fixed. There’s something satisfying about contacting a member and letting them know you’ve fixed their issue and turning it into something positive.

Anything surprising?

Sheffield being one of the smaller sites does make it seem like one big family. Everyone is close-knit and I’ve made so many amazing friends since starting here.

What's your office like?

The Sheffield Contact Centre is right in the middle of Sheffield city centre, so there's plenty of opportunity to get out and about on your lunch hour. There’s all the big shops around for getting a bit of shopping in and so many options for food.