Customer Experience


A high profile division growing year on year, Group Customer Experience acts as the voice of our members.

To achieve our objective, it is essential that our members have a positive experience every time they deal with us.

From the Branch Network to Digital, Lending Control to our Product teams, we continuously work with all areas of the business to make sure we are always on the side of our members.

Our division is broken down into 4 key areas:

Customer Experience

A varied team which includes Customer Analytics, Customer Research, Communications, and Customer Assurance.

Carrying out both external and internal research and analysis we continuously share this insight with the wider business. Not only do we develop and provide tools to help other areas; but we're responsible for making sure any changes made have been considered from a customer perspective, this includes all aspects of member diversity and disability.

Risk and Controls

Customer Experience Risk can simply be defined as "the risk that our members do not have a positive experience". It's an integral part of our Risk Management Framework, and we work to ensure our strategy, policies and controls are designed to protect this positive experience.

Customer Journey Mapping

Working with key stakeholders across the business, we map the experiences our members receive from beginning to end.

We conduct Customer Journey Reviews to understand the experience through the eyes of our members and highlight what is important to them. This insight helps us to identify where the biggest opportunities are to improve their journey.

Member Service

We're a large team split across two sites (Northampton and Swindon) who are passionate about the impact complaint handling has on our members. Not only do we handle specialist complaints and support the business in handling them; but we're also responsible for the corporate complaint handling infrastructure and constantly look at ways we can improve the member complaints experience.

We're looking for dedicated people to join our teams who are as passionate about our members as we are.

Your drive to increase satisfaction and keep the member central to all decision making will lead to Nationwide being the first choice for financial services and clear number 1 in customer satisfaction.