Operational Resilience


Our Group Operational Resilience team has been created to strengthen our business by making sure we prepare in advance for internal and external events that can disrupt service to our customers.

Operational Resilience is more than just Business Continuity – the team work to support all colleagues when considering strategic risk management, operational planning, change management and security considerations. They play a key role within Nationwide as they work to ensure Operational Resilience is designed using the right processes, premises, third parties and technology.

We’re a source of expert advice and support for the organisation. Working closely with internal and external stakeholders, we provide analysis, insight and solutions which help to protect our members from any potential disruptions and threats.

What we do

Working collaboratively with all business teams, our goal is to realise the Nationwide “On Your Side” message by making sure our channels and services are available when our customers need them.

By defining and embedding the Group-wide Operational Resilience strategy, we ensure that the Society is always prepared to respond and recover when faced with operational disruptions. We help the business manage any type of uncertainty, from low to high risk threats to service.

Whether it’s considering external risks such as natural disasters or internal issues with technology or premises, the breadth of the issues we take on is huge and varied. For example, our Operational Resilience Business Partners proactively engage with corporate projects to make sure that resilience priorities are built into new financial services products, whilst our Incident Management team design and run a full exercise and training programme to give leaders the skills they need to manage through a crisis.

The excitement is in the challenge; from strategy development to incident response, we work across the business to support, challenge and upskill the business teams that deliver service to members and the wider industry.

Your Career Prospects

In return for your hard work you'll be joining a Division that's new and expanding, giving you the ability to make a difference from day one. You’ll be working within a team that has a pivotal role in Nationwide and helps the Society continue to deliver outstanding customer service to all our members.

What's more, there's a commitment from us to invest in our employees - we'd welcome discussing long term opportunities at interview.