Group Commercial Management (Procurement)


We're the largest building society in the world and we have relationships with 1 in 4 households in the UK. It's not an easy task, and we have a number of external partners and suppliers who help us to grow and continue to be the successful organisation we are today.

Finding the right suppliers to support us is vital. GCM is the department which centrally manages everything, from finding those suppliers right the way through to managing the relationships. Because of this we hold a huge scope of influence across the entire business. We have a strong team who deliver service, quality and value for our 15 million members.

Our main aims are to:

  • provide sound commercial advice
  • support the business to become more efficient at sourcing goods & services
  • manage the performance of our third parties throughout the contract lifecycle

In order to respond to this GCM is changing significantly from using tactical procurement and supplier management skills; and shifting towards a new approach which will make best use of the expertise and judgement we have within our team.

We play an important role making sure that all the relevant third party legal and contractual areas are covered before we formally engage any supplier.

“ As well as working with various suppliers across different categories, this job has also given me a great deal of exposure to senior stakeholders. ”

Karl Mills Commercial Manager

The team checks that appropriate contractual protection is in place wherever practical, using our terms to deliver a competitive advantage, reduce risk and provide professional expertise.

We support all commercial aspects of placing business with suppliers, including the governance of commercial performance (covering Finance, Relationship, Operational and Contract), until the end of the contract term.

We also have a key responsibility for delivering the business' sourcing strategies and initiatives.

We spend in excess of £1 billion each year with our third party suppliers. As a result this means that GCM is high on the Society's agenda and our function plays a key role in the future strategy of the business.

Our objective is to deliver great commercial outcomes throughout the lifecycle of all contracts.

We're looking for a number of professional individuals to support this objective. This will help us build on our current success and enhance the Sourcing and Vendor Management skills within the existing team.

“ If you believe you have what it takes to work in this fast paced and demanding environment we'd love to hear from you. ”

James de Watteville Head of Group Commercial Management