Data & Analytics

Who we are

Within BI, Reporting and Visualisation, Analytics, Data Solutions, Data Governance and Strategy and Architecture, we’re transforming the way we collect, look after and use member and business data. It’s a major reason why we’re increasing our capabilities, ensuring we realise the opportunities that data presents, responding to the ever-changing needs of our 15 million members. Data is now at the heart of everything we do.

What we do

Our Data and Analytics function isn’t just about compliance - though we do take it very seriously! We produce member-centric solutions driven by a clear strategy and backing of the board. We’re now embarking on the next stage of our journey, transforming our data and analytical capability by introducing a modern suite of technologies. Being a UK based institution, all our data is one place, meaning we don’t have the complexity and jurisdictional issues like many other financial institutions.

We’re also driving a self-service, information-led decision-making culture and the capabilities for identifying valuable and actionable insights (reporting and analytics programmes). All underpinned by robust data governance initiatives which aim to identify, govern and protect data.

What we’re looking for

With the recent announcement of a multi-billion tech investment, Nationwide is paving the way for technological transformation. As a data enthusiast, with strong analytical skills, being able to apply your knowledge to financial services data is no doubt an attractive proposition? This is an ideal opportunity to join an integrated team and help shape the Society’s strategic vision for data and analytics.

Data & Analytics. Help us to become data enabled, not data driven. Find out more.