IT Engineering

Who we are

With the recent announcement of a multi-billion tech investment, we’re paving the way for technological transformation. As a skilled IT Engineer at Nationwide, you’ll be applying your knowledge to the rapidly changing world of financial services and helping shape our strategic vision.

Our engineers cover a broad range of areas. These include Systems and Software Engineering, Early Stage Prototyping, DevOps, Testing, Infrastructure, Performance, Availability & Security engineering, Networks and the move towards the design and configuration of secure PaaS solutions in the cloud.

What we do

There are many elements involved in IT Engineering:

  • It determines precisely whether a proposed architecture will work in practice. This is achieved through application of detailed knowledge of the underlying technologies and platforms, and the use of proof of concept and proving capabilities.
  • It has to take place before software development in order to ensure minimal technical issues in the development process along with minimal impact on the project timescales and costs.
  • It encompasses the techniques applied during a systems development life cycle to ensure the non-functional requirements such as throughput, latency or memory usage will be met.

What we’re looking for

Join our expanding team

We’re looking for highly motivated engineers who believe, like us, in curiosity, collaboration and a culture of openness and enterprise. You’ll need to have up-to-date expertise and be certified to industry standards as appropriate.

In return, we can offer:

  • A compelling career path with continuous skills development
  • Modern software and systems engineering methods, patterns and tools, such as:
    • Agile development
    • Cloud and DevOps
    • Modern development styles: API and Microservices, Event based architectures and exploiting Speedlayer principles
    • Technologies: Containers (Docker/OpenShift/Kubernetes), Modern database technologies (MongoDB/Cassandra), Event streaming (Kafka), NodeJS, Java, .NET core and more.
  • Joined up development, test and operations teams, enabled by integrated DevOps toolchain(s)
  • Leaders and teams capable of designing, building and testing well engineered solutions.

IT Engineering at Nationwide: Help us rise to the challenge. Find out more.


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