Corporate Affairs


We manage everything from internal and external communications through to our Corporate & Social responsibility agendas. We also manage the Nationwide profile with MPs and in the political arena.

Who we are

We're split into 5 key areas; Corporate Communication, Citizenship, Policy & Public Affairs, Media Relations & the Nationwide Foundation.

What we do

Corporate Communication

The Corporate Communication teams are responsible for articulating our business vision, strategy, goals, values and plans in a way that involves, motivates and inspires employees to create a high performing organisation.


The Citizenship team are responsible for putting our social and environmental policies and strategy into practice and integrating them across the whole business. That means overseeing their impact on five interdependent areas; our members, employees, the community, the environment and our partners.

Policy & Public Affairs

Policy & Public Affairs handle our profile with MPs and in the political arena. They also liaise with departments across the business to ensure Nationwide's views, policies, products and services are clearly communicated to parliamentarians and other influential audiences. Activities include monitoring Parliamentary activities, managing enquiries from parliamentarians, researching issues and drafting briefing papers.

Media Relations

Media Relations work with the media on a proactive and reactive basis, generating news stories, handling media enquiries and drafting news releases. They manage enquiries from journalists, agree our media position on various issues, brief journalists on our policy and liaise widely across the business. This team also has a Social Media function who manage communications including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

The Nationwide Foundation

The Nationwide Foundation is a registered charity which makes donations to charitable organisations, funded principally from contributions from Nationwide Building Society. It's a separate legal entity from the Society and is run by a Board of Trustees.