Nationwide Now


Using technology and people to better provide for our customers

Nationwide NOW is our exciting new channel that enables centrally based Mortgage Consultants, Financial Planning Managers and Personal Banking Managers to hold interviews using video conferencing capabilities. Essentially beaming themselves into a branch anywhere in the UK.

During February 2013 a trial commenced in six of our branches using video conferencing technology. As the first in the UK to trial the use of the Cisco technology for offering Remote mortgage advice, we were able to prove that centralising resource was an efficient and effective way of making an expert more readily available to assist customers.

The technology provides customers with a monitor so that they can see any relevant information for themselves, and a printer so they can take away any forms or documents with them. The system can do everything an on-site conversation can, except shake the customer's hand.

This successful model is now in place across sixty one branches using over twenty experts. Plans are afoot to expand the service into many more branches, 3 additional Contact Centres and to recruit experts across these sites.

Nationwide Now Technology

Nationwide Now: How it works