Retail Strategy & Support


We give our branch and contact centre teams the skills, tools and insight they need to be the best they can be.

Who we are

Our Central Distribution division provides strategy and support to our retail network.

We give our branch and contact centre teams the skills, tools and insight they need to deliver high-quality services to today's customers.  But we also anticipate the needs of tomorrow's customers, by planning for the future and bringing new products and services to life.

What we do

Central Distribution is a diverse division whose aim is to deliver great customer outcomes. Our work falls into four broad areas:

Future proofing the business

We look to the future and anticipate the changing needs of our customers. We also look at our competitors' plans, the future demands of the regulator and the opportunities offered by new technology. We then devise, plan and implement a strategy to deliver new products and services to market.

Making change happen

Whether it's launching a new product or transforming a service, Central Distribution takes the lead in delivering change to our customer facing areas. We take the theory and turn it into reality by building processes, testing systems and training employees to make change happen.

Turning insight into action

Meaningful management information is critical to business success. We take raw data, analyse it and turn it into something useful - insight. From the day-to-day management of our channels to planning our future strategy this insight informs and guides our planning and decision making.

Safeguarding what we do

We put checks and measures in place to make sure we're compliant with the demands of the regulator and to demonstrate we're delivering fair customer outcomes. We also help people manage risk from the day-to-day operations of a local branch through to major transformation projects affecting all our retail channels.