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Coronavirus update: We know coronavirus is causing a lot of uncertainty, so we just want to reassure you that we’re still recruiting. We’re doing our interviews over video, our technical assessments are online and people are still starting new jobs, albeit virtually. Find out more >

Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

Whether you've just applied for a job, have an interview lined-up or are waiting to join, our recruitment team will be in touch.

Some details may change to take account of the strange times we're living in. Interviews are happening virtually, assessments are online and some people are starting their careers with Nationwide at home rather than in an office.

If you've not yet applied and we're advertising a role that looks like a good fit for you, please don't delay. We've speedily adapted all our processes so we can continue to recruit people, whilst sticking to the new regulations.

Our contact centre and branch colleagues are designated keyworkers so can travel to work in a branch or admin centre. Special arrangements are in place to make sure the two metre social distancing rules are built into working environments, and our excellent cleaners are working hard to keep us all safe too.

In times like these, we need to look out for and support one another, whether through protecting employees, empowering our people to take care of their well-being or providing opportunities to help us all bring society together – we truly are in this together.

Video interviews

Having an interview by video link will be new to many people. Our resourcing manager Dave has recorded this brief film to answer some commonly asked questions.

On the day of your interview

  • Make sure your laptop, smartphone or tablet is fully charged
  • Find a suitable and quiet spot in your home, where you’ll be comfortable for the duration. And don't worry, the interviewers will be understanding if children and/or pets pop up to say hello, they’ll be in the same situation too!
  • Test your internet connection to ensure it’s working
  • Test your webcam/phone camera and audio are both working, and you’ve turned your speakers on
  • Happy with your picture quality? Try adjusting your camera or lighting and avoid bright lights in the background e.g. windows
  • What to wear; smart/casual

During your interview

  • Remember, be yourself and try to relax
  • Your body language should be the same as if you were in interviewing in person, such as hand gestures, nodding and smiling to show you are engaged and maintaining eye contact with your interviewers
  • When on a PC/Mac you’ll see a small window with your camera view (what the interviewers can see) and on the large screen you should see your interviewer(s)
  • When on a mobile you’ll see yourself in a larger window

How our people are responding

We have a responsibility to continue to provide critical services to our members, and it’s inspiring to see our colleagues doing it by pulling together and adapting to the challenges coming our way. 

So, to everyone still coming into our branches and admin centres; to those keeping our key systems, processes and buildings up and running from home; and to everyone continuing to live our PRIDE values despite the distance, you’re our heroes and we’re so thankful. 

Derby1 Branch
Derby branch

The greater the storm, the brighter the rainbow…

The simple act of painting a rainbow is helping to spread some much-needed joy & hope for those confined inside during the pandemic while also showing support and solidarity for local communities & key workers. Chris, Senior Branch Manager at our Derby branch, said: "Our team decided to be the first retailer on our local high street to design a rainbow and display it in the window, using handprints of our team members. Now, more than ever, we want our members and the general public to know we're all in it together"

Content Team
Colleagues within our Service & Experience Design Team (picture taken before social distancing rules)

Supporting frontline staff and helping our members

In order to provide crisis support information for our members and to reduce branch and contact centre enquiries, our Service and Experience Design team created a dedicated coronavirus support web page in under 24 hours. Sonja, our Content Design lead, said: “The dedication, collaborative ethos and skill of this team of writers and designers is frankly humbling. Clear communication has never been so important."

Kim on call and Simon's knitted designs

Volunteering to support the current coronavirus crisis

Many of our colleagues have been volunteering to support their communities through this period. Kim, part of our Mortgage Team, has done over 30 hours as an NHS volunteer helping vulnerable people. Simon, based in our Northampton admin centre, has also been busy knitting hundreds of handy creations, designed to relieve some of the discomfort NHS workers are experiencing from wearing masks at all times - To support our colleagues, we’ve increased our paid volunteering time from two to five days, for coronavirus volunteering