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The first step to a rewarding career

Apprenticeship Jobs

Why you should choose Nationwide

When you embark on an apprenticeship at Nationwide, you become part of a network, with a whole host of people to consult and collaborate with. We’ll also provide opportunities to learn, on-the-job training and dedicated support to help your career get off to a flying start.

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What apprenticeships do you offer?

This year we're offering three types of apprenticeship. Advanced, Level 3 is equivalent to two A-Levels; Higher, level 4 and 5, is equal to a foundation degree; and level 6 which is a Degree level apprenticeship.

This year we will be recruiting for apprentices in business areas including Finance, Business Administration, IT, HR, Procurement and Contact Centre.
To find out more about our IT Degree Apprenticeship, check out our Technology Development Programme.

This year we also have our level 3 Retail Apprenticeship, opening an early career pathway into our branch network.

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Grow, learn and develop

One of the huge advantages of our apprenticeships is the network of Apprentices, Graduates and Industrial Placements you’ll be part of. A ready-made support system across the Society to share with, trouble-shoot and learn from.

IT apprentices join our Technology Development Programme with their own support team on hand to provide tailored advice.

For all other apprentices, our dedicated Early Careers team will be watching out for your best interests. As well as gaining a recognised qualification, we’ll build your skill set in the crucial areas of Presence and Impact, Wellbeing and Resilience, Self-Awareness and Communication.


Can I apply?

You can join at any age from 16 years onwards (though you can apply at 15). The minimum requirements differ based on the type of Apprenticeship you're applying for and will be detailed in the job advert.

Applications are now open for apprenticeships starting in September 2022.

Sadly, we can't accept your application if you don't live in the UK.

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Retail Apprenticeships

Our Retail Apprenticeships are an exciting opportunity to join Nationwide and become a valued colleague in our Branch network. You'll work towards a Level 3 Senior Financial Customer Adviser Apprenticeship or in Scotland a Providing Financial Services at SCQF Level 6, whilst gaining invaluable experience of doing the right thing the right way for our members working as a Member Representative.
The great part about the Member Representative role is it’s so versatile. There are lots of opportunities ranging from; educating members on our digital services and easier ways to bank with us, helping them with their financial transactions, supporting them to be better off and much much more.

Garry Samson (2)
Gary Samson, Branch Regional Director

Our future leaders

Gary Samson, Branch Regional Director, started his career in a similar role:
“Nationwide believe it’s important to offer career paths suitable for everyone. When I left school, I joined Nationwide as a bank cashier. I’m now in my 31st year and have worked my way up to Regional Director. It would be great to think we’re potentially recruiting a future leader of branches in this programme.”

The new apprenticeship will take between 18-24 months to complete with 20 per cent of your time set aside to support your studies.

“This is a great opportunity to join an organisation that embraces everyone and where we will invest in their development through the apprenticeship and beyond to help them develop their career and maximise their potential."

Ben Spurdell Resize

Ben - CIMA and beyond

Ben joined as a Finance apprentice two and a half years ago. He started a University degree, believing it was the best route to the career he’d always wanted. Realising it wasn’t right for him, he applied for an apprenticeship - three teams and two promotions later, he hasn’t looked back:

'You get the best of both worlds. Equal to any other employee, you’re not restricted when it comes to applying for new roles or moving teams, and the work you are given is work that you can be proud of doing. With 20% of your time dedicated to the apprenticeship, you can make progress on both fronts.

'Alongside my work, I’ve completed my original level 4 apprenticeship and am continuing to study with my level 7 apprenticeship in Accountancy. Once this is finished, I will be a qualified accountant.'

Our employee benefits


Competitive salary

And a range of special offers to reward employees who pay their salary into a Nationwide current account.


Generous holiday allowance

25 days, increasing to 30 days per year. We also give our employees the option to ‘buy’ up to an extra 10 days holiday.


Flexible working

This can include options such as flexi-time, part-time, job sharing and term-time working.

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TDP Apprentice

Ada Lovelace Day

The second day in October marks Ada Lovelace day – an international day of recognition for women working in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM).

Ada Lovelace is considered the world's first computer programmer. Her passion and vision have made her a powerful symbol for women in the modern world of technology, which is why we now celebrate Ada Lovelace day, every year. In 2017 Alice attended a Nationwide event celebrating Ada Lovelace which inspired her to join the TDP apprenticeship programme.

We caught up with Alice to find out about her career in tech.

How do you think the Ada Lovelace event helped you choose your career path?

In 2017 I attended the Ada Lovelace event held at Nationwide House in Swindon. Before attending the event, I was unsure of what area I wanted to enter to start my career. From the Knowledge talks, and workshops at the Ada Lovelace event, I was inspired to follow an IT career and gained a greater understanding of the areas, opportunities, and pathways a Technology role offers. I learnt about the apprenticeship programme that they offered that would allow me to work in a range of teams using different technologies, whilst also working towards my bachelor’s degree. From Ada Lovelace day, I chose a career in software engineering which I could pursue through the Nationwide apprenticeship degree.

What’s been the best bit about your learning experience?

The best bit about my learning experience has been being able to put what I learn in my lectures into practice every day. The apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to learn on the job with so much support and the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.

What would you say to someone who is considering a career in Tech/I.T?

Technology is an exciting, educational, and ever evolving sector where it’s impossible to be bored. A career in IT opens the door to so many pathways and the opportunity to work with cutting edge technologies and brand-new innovations that are essential to daily life.

What is it like working in Nationwide’s Tech world?

Technology is a constantly moving and evolving area in which you can work for years and still learn something new every day. Nationwide offers and encourages you to explore and learn as a team and on your own with training, knowledge shares, teaching tools and articles available on demand.

What benefits do you think you got from doing the apprenticeship instead of entering straight into a role?

Having the freedom to make mistakes and receive the support needed to help resolve them has been of my apprenticeship. I can work and shadow colleagues in different teams to gain knowledge and am supported by not only my team but also the TDP team. I am able to learn on the job with training through nationwide as well as university to make the most out of my role.



Jack Early Careers Apprenticeships Article

Broaden your horizons

With the UK Government confirming more people than ever before are now choosing an apprenticeship, how should you decide what to do next? Jack shares what made him choose an Apprenticeship scheme over university.

He explains: “I studied Business Economics ICT A-level and I got my university place at Kent to study Business Management. It would have been a 4-year degree, with a 1-year industrial placement. It was a great university place to get, and it was actually my number one choice."

Don’t just follow the crowd

As decision time approaches, it can be easy to just stick with what you know. Choosing a route just because everyone else is may not make you happy later down the line:

“Nearly everyone in my year was planning to go to university,” says Jack. “I felt like I needed more time to decide, so I deferred my place at Kent University and took a gap year.”

Prioritise trying something new

Make sure you take time to broaden your horizons where you can. Meeting new people and putting yourself outside your comfort zone could help reaffirm what’s most important to you.

“During my gap year I worked solidly for 6 months to try and save up to go travelling. This included some voluntary work where I helped to care for a disabled lad who suffers from cerebral palsy. I enjoyed it so much that I still carry this on today,” says Jack.

“I then carried out a month’s work experience; 2 weeks with a major car manufacturer and 2 weeks with Nationwide in Marketing as well as Business Transformation. I knew then that Nationwide was the company I wanted to work for; its ‘PRIDE’ culture was very clear even then."

Take time to decide whether it’s what you really want

Once you’ve made your choice, allow yourself time to take a step back.

“Eventually I travelled around Australia with one of my best mates; one week surfing in Byron Bay was definitely the highlight! I then went Inter-railing round Europe with my girlfriend. The two months of work experience helped me realise that I wanted to get straight into employment. Now I want to work my way up within an organisation instead, and I know that I can do that at Nationwide.”

Research your opportunities fully

If you do choose an apprenticeship or full-time employment, there’s still homework! Make sure you research the company/ employer as thoroughly as you would have if you were picking your university! It’s important their values- including career progression and work life balance- match what you’re looking for.

“I was aware apprenticeship schemes can be a really good way to get your foot in the door in an organisation, and a way to gain a qualification whilst on the job. However, when I came across Nationwide’s higher apprenticeship scheme I was blown away by the benefits: the scheme I went for has got me into a 3-5 year placement in the Finance department at Nationwide. I’m now studying to become a Chartered Accountant with CIMA which Nationwide is paying for, including the expenses involved when traveling to Bristol or Reading for study days. They’re even allowing me have these study days in work time,” says Jack. “The higher apprenticeship scheme also allows placements, so like the graduate scheme, I can move to other areas within the division. This is so I can get a experience across the business, while I decide which area I’d like to end up in!”

Sean Lucas Equality Low Res

Making it work for you

Diversity of employees is good for business and we're committed to working with everyone so they can thrive and build their careers here.

Sean joined our Finance team in September 2019 straight from A’levels. He’s on a level 4 apprenticeship and is on track to achieve his CIMA qualification.

Asked about the challenges he faces, he said: 'Although Nationwide have facilities for wheelchair users, my disabilities are more complex, so the challenges have been trying to adapt the environment to suit my individual needs. It’s a learning process for Nationwide and myself.'

Why did you apply?

Nationwide are recognised for their policies regarding equal opportunities. I liked the idea of gaining on the job experience while working towards a qualification.

Tell us about your apprenticeship so far?

Instead of attending Reading for my lectures I have the modules sent to my home address then watch the lectures online. I work in Cost Performance & Analysis which prepares monthly reports for the costs that Nationwide have incurred; for example, cost of employees for each community. I correspond with Financial Business Partners. Also, I have regular meetings with my Manager to discuss my progress and set development/ career goals.

What support is there?

I get support from different areas, not just the community I work in. As well as an Occupational Health assessment I have had a work placement assessment to ensure I have the right equipment to accommodate my needs.

Besides your day-to-day role, what other opportunities are on offer?

I have been working with Equality, Diversity and Inclusion to raise awareness of disabilities in the workplace. In March I will be doing an ‘Ask me anything’ session and presentation on my experience of disability.

What’s been the biggest benefit of being on a Nationwide apprenticeship?

Apart from the fact you are earning money while you are gaining new skills and working towards a qualification, you are gaining experience of a working environment and social interaction with your colleagues.

What advice would you give someone considering an apprenticeship at Nationwide?

It is a good opportunity to work for an organisation with a great reputation, who value your potential and will provide you with the skills you require to succeed.