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Industrial Placements

Learn and develop with us while at university

Industrial Placements

Gain experience, first-hand

Join one of our Industrial Placements and you can spend an entire academic year working with us as a full-time employee. You’ll gain all-important work experience and employability skills before graduating. 

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Many students who spend their industrial placement year with us, return to join the graduate scheme. Find out more about why they chose Nationwide and what they've gained.

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Ridhi, Oliver and Grace share their experiences

Three of our Industrial Placement students gave us their key learnings from their placement year, and what transferable skills they believe they learned.

Ridhi studies Marketing at University and works in the Social Media Team.

Oliver studies Maths at university and works in the Audit department.

Grace studies Business Management & Public Policy and works in Corporate Affairs.

What’s the best thing about your role here? 

Ridhi – One of my main responsibilities in my role is to look after the internal employee social channel. The thing I enjoy most is being a part of a department that is still “up and coming”. The department is fairly new so I’m gaining a lot of experience which is quite exciting.

Grace – My job title is Media Relations officer. The best thing about my role here is that no day is ever the same! I have a variety of work from vast yearlong product driven campaigns to weekly press releases. I get great exposure to high level managers within the business and it’s a comforting feeling to know that with all the responsibility there is always someone there to support and guide me.

Since starting your industrial placement, what have you learnt at work that you couldn't have learnt in university?

Oliver – You really can’t appreciate the work-life culture at university. University lifestyle is so different- you can go out a few times a week and still manage to get yourself together for a lecture the following day. It’s not possible to fully understand the 9-5 lifestyle until you experience it.

Having done this placement year, I've learnt how to be more regimented and focused. This is something that university teaches you but it’s just been further embedded during my time here.

Grace – Within work, I’ve learnt business behaviours; how to work within a team effectively, how to approach people, the nuts and bolts of how businesses operate.

“I think that you can learn all sorts of important things through textbooks and lectures which are fundamental to job performance but there are certain things which you simply cannot be taught – some things you have to experience first-hand.”

On a more personal note I’ve experienced earning a wage, having my own money and paying rent and bills. This is something I didn't experience at university so it was initially a challenge as I had to learn how to manage everything so quickly!

How’d you think you’ll be different when you get back to uni next year?

Oliver – During placement I've learnt the importance of discipline. I definitely feel that getting up for 9am won’t be as much of a struggle anymore. I also think I’ll be more disciplined when I study as I’m now used to working 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. I hope to be able to keep this work ethic up.

Ridhi – I feel that after a year in industry I’ll be more organised, waking up won’t feel as difficult! I’ll also be more efficient with my time, having had this experience of organising my working day, I hope to be able to take this skill back with me to university.

Grace – One thing I found out about myself whilst on placement year is that goals and targets motivate me – this was something I wasn't aware of throughout my life in education. I’ll be a lot more driven when I get back to uni as a result of this.