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Change Performance Development Programme

Help us map the future of our Society

Change Performance Development Programme

Change at Nationwide

We’re a member led organisation, which for us means delivering change that meets our members’ needs and delivers an excellent member and colleague experience.

There are over 3,000 people working on the delivery of multiple projects at any one time. This year, we plan to spend an investment of £540m to enable us to accelerate the introduction of new products and services, deliver the simplification of our IT infrastructure and develop innovative new technology. We’re no strangers to innovation having been the first in the UK to launch an internet bank, joint first with Apple pay and have Cisco leading-edge technology in our branches. This, coupled, with our advancements in agile ways of working and refreshed change delivery operating model, makes it a very exciting time to start working at Nationwide.

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2022 IT Industrial Placements

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There are 2 vacancies in Change Performance Development Programme

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Why choose our Change programme

The opportunities for delivering change will take place within our project teams across a range of business areas in two different roles: Business Design and Delivery Management.

Business Designers deliver a variety of different services ensuring that they are to time, at the right cost and ensure quality, enabling their team to deliver against their Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Business Designers will also maintain excellent stakeholder relationships across the department.

Delivery Management consists of using appropriate frameworks, tools and techniques to support in the planning and delivery of change initiatives. You will adapt your approach to manage complexity and deliver at pace to achieve the overall team Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) whilst managing the expectations of stakeholders.


Grow, learn and develop

In addition to playing an active part of the team, you will embark on a tailored and insightful development journey, offered exclusively to our Emerging Talent.

As you learn more about successfully delivering change across the Society, you will be awarded more responsibility and have the opportunity to hone your teamworking and leadership skills. This scheme will arm you with essential skills to fast-track your career – business acumen, decision making, commercial and strategic awareness and building lasting, effective relationships. If you already have any experience within change delivery or digital services, that’s a bonus. You’ll get the chance to experience a broad set of skills across different roles before specialising in the one that’s right for you.

What you'll be doing

From day one, you’ll be involved with business-critical initiatives that focus on offering our members the best service. Throughout your time on the programme, you’ll experience first-hand a range of initiatives varying in strategic theme, size, scale and complexity but always in a fast-paced, agile environment with a focus on continuous improvement.

You’ll be completing key activities and tasks, engaging and managing stakeholders, scanning the horizon for future trends and improving your understanding of change management and our digital services.

Words and phrases that describe you

Logical, creative problem-solver, attention to detail, decisive, proactive, team leader, inquisitive, resilient, digitally savvy, good communicator, well-organised, pragmatic, great with people, outcome focused and collaborative. 

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And your network will grow your career

Around 80% of jobs today are gained through networking. That statistic alone is enough to make anyone invest their time in this. What this shows is that many jobs are not formally advertised. This means that your perfect job might have come around without you even realising, simply because you’re not putting yourself out there in the right networks. Referrals are becoming an increasingly popular way to recruit, meaning more and more it’s about who you know, rather than what you know. Networking therefore provides the perfect opportunity to utilise this both online and offline.

Get yourself out there

Joining the appropriate networks and attending relevant events can start getting your name out into the right circles. Not only will that but through talking to new people within your industry you’ll start to build up self-confidence, especially when talking about yourself and your skills. 

Follow up

After an event the chances are you will have met a range of people and have collected an abundance of business cards. You may have given them your business card too, but don’t wait for them to get in contact first. It’s so important to follow up on any introductions – this shows you are organised, keen and serious about potential employment opportunities.

Quality over quantity

Invest your time finding quality, relevant connections. Your networking contact list should be filled with people you’ve built a real relationship with and have the potential to offer you opportunities to progress your career.
Don’t waste your time getting to know everyone, spend your time wisely and invest in just a few, well-researched connections so that you build up genuine and natural relationships.

Share useful content

There are so many digital platforms that can help you network in an easy and efficient way. All social media platforms are made up of an abundance of rich sources of content that can help you discover more about your industry and share this knowledge with your connections. This’ll help position you as a thought leader, and as someone others in the industry will look to for information and more importantly to fill job roles.

Grow your connections

Connect with people not just within your industry but interesting people outside of your industry too. Through doing this you can build up a rich list of first and second-degree connections for potential job opportunities or simply thought-leaders you can learn from.

Start with your connections with family or friends and note down any avenues or links you could explore that could lead to the branching out into another realm of connections.

Join groups and circles

Sign up to newsletters for relevant publications or websites you regularly visit and surround yourself with interesting information from your sector. Engage with real communities through social media and in particular, LinkedIn and Twitter. Here you can join conversations and have access to a host of valuable people you may never have met in person.

Grow your network with us

To make a start in creating a rich and useful network you can follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.  This can help kick-start your network by helping to get your name out there among industry professionals and keep up to date with all our employment opportunities.