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IT Operations

IT Operations

Can you help us ensure our IT Operations are available, reliable, and aligned with our needs?

We prioritise the availability and performance of our IT operations for our customers and members. Ensuring seamless, reliable IT operations underpins all that we do. 

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What you'll be doing

You’ll have a significant impact on our operations by making sure IT services for both members and colleagues are available and robust 24 hours a day. From 24x7 monitoring of IT Services, incident, and problem management to delivery of technology support, guaranteeing both continuity and resilience.

Facilitating the introduction of new IT services or supporting colleagues with collaboration Technologies such as Microsoft 365, physical or mobile devices to ensure these are all introduced seamlessly.

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Our promise to you

Your journey with us promises personal and professional growth, exposure a wide variety of systems and processes, and the chance to work with enterprise-wide tools. We’re committed to fostering a growth mindset and providing opportunities for you to shape your own career.

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What we're looking for

If you have a positive growth mindset, a collaborative spirit and are eager to develop your skills you can help us ensure we meet the IT needs of our members and colleagues.