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Technology Development Programme

Kickstarting careers and training in IT for students, graduates and career changers

Technology Development Programme

Your future in FinTech starts here

There’s never been a more exciting time to join the Technology Development Programme (TDP). Why? Because our 15 million members rely on our services being up and running 24/7, we are serious about making technology faster and simpler. This is driven by two things: technology and talented people. If you want to be a part of paving the way for transformation across our entire organisation to become a technology specialist of the future, choose from the schemes below.

(TDP) Accelerator


Fast track technology training and development for graduates and career changers

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IT Industrial Placement

For undergraduates interested in a career at Nationwide.

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Introducing the TDP

An introduction the TDP and its three schemes. Which one is for you?

Our partnership with the Institute of Technology

Our Tech Apprenticeships will now be delivered in partnership with Swindon’s new Institute of Technology (IoT).

The IoT, based on the current site of Swindon College, has been developed with local employers to deliver timely, relevant and industry-based STEM learning to its students. It will offer a mix of remote and face-to-face learning to students and aims to bring new career opportunities to the region, with the aim of educating over 1,000 learners within five years of opening.

Our IT apprenticeships

This year’s Nationwide tech apprentice roles cover a range of disciplines including cybersecurity, software development and DevOps, for young people starting their careers in technology.

We’ll have an active role in shaping and delivering the curriculum the Institute of Technology offers, including hackathons, insight days at Nationwide House in Swindon, visits from specialist speakers and employability coaching. The Society has also committed to support the wellbeing of the students at the IoT and will make regular donations to provide high quality mental health and wellbeing support for students.

Patrick Eltridge, Chief Operating Officer, said: “These apprenticeships show what can be achieved when local businesses, government and education institutions come together to reimagine STEM education in this country. It was why Nationwide, alongside other local organisations, worked so hard to bring the IoT to Swindon in the first place.

"It’s the latest step in our early careers technology strategy which has already seen us partner with the likes of Code Club, Tech She Can and the NCCE to improve the quality, and availability, of STEM education to young people across the country. I cannot wait to welcome our first apprentices to the Society.”

TDP Mark Bates

Welcome to the TDP

Mark is the Technology Development Programme Manager for the Nationwide ‘Technology Development Programme’ and has been at Nationwide in various roles, including: Training Portfolio Manager, and Operations Manager. He also ran his own business.

"I’ve worked in several organisations that promote their culture as supporting the ongoing career development of their colleagues, but through ‘PRIDE’ I’ve seen Nationwide really live up to these values."

"What I love about my role is that I have the privilege of supporting the development of our future engineers and leaders. In turn I know they will continue to provide innovative solutions that enhance how our customers choose to bank with us.

The Nationwide Technology Development Programme provides a helping hand to anyone with the right potential and ambition considering a career in IT & Change. 

“We provide on the job experience, qualifications and personal development so people starting their careers can gain specialist knowledge and experience along their chosen career path.”

If we use the metaphor of a theatre production group, the TDP guys work tremendously hard behind the scenes to provide an innovative ever-changing production – one that continues to provide a service which supports the actors [our customer facing teams] and delight the audience [our customers]. It’s often our fantastic TDP guys who help keep the show on the road, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Senior Management.

Nationwide is becoming increasingly known for its technical innovation and digital society strategy, and now has a sizeable portfolio of change programmes

That’s why we developed a future talent pipeline to support this growth. Measuring TDP success is simple – within 1-2 years individuals leave the programme to progress in IT roles across the Society.

“It’s our diverse approach that helps sets us apart from our competitors – we’re not just interested in graduates – though they are of course welcome!”

Out of our first year’s intake, 58% were non-graduates and direct recruits. 30% were drawn from the business. What unites them all is their technical aptitude, innovate and collaborative behaviours and their desire to help provide systems and applications which will help us to remain No 1 for Customer Satisfaction.

The programme itself provides comprehensive development activities, on the job experience, and a great network of support. This includes the group itself, managers, buddies, mentors and their dedicated programme manager.

The Technology Development Programme looks for potential – both WHAT you can do and HOW you would do it. 

We find the best candidates are those who are comfortable working in a team; their ongoing collaboration with project teams, partners and the wider business is key. It also helps if they have a rational, structured approach to their day to day activity and also the ability to drive their own learning and career development.

Understandably, a few of the TDP have needed help diving straight into a wider business environment and demanding project environments straight from University or College. That’s why we’re here – with support we find they’re usually soon settled after just a few months."

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Developing your career and the future of our Society.

Our 15 million members rely on our services being up and running 24/7 and we’re determined about making technology faster and simpler. This is driven by two things: technology and talented people. Our Technology Development Programme (TDP) enables people of all ages and experience to develop a career in tech. Our Industrial Placement welcomes students wanting to do a placement year in a tech environment before continuing their studies. However, our Accelerator Programme welcomes everyone. Graduates, Career Changers, and anyone who has the drive and ability to learn fast in a tech environment - it empowers you to fast track your way to becoming a tech specialist.

Jaye joined our TDP Accelerator in September 2020. At the age of 30, he saw his opportunity to change his career and develop his skills for the future.

“I never imagined myself working in a tech environment. Even all the way back to my GCSE’s, technology wasn’t introduced to me in an exciting capacity, mostly it involved repetitive work in Excel and very little in coding, my understanding of the large scope that tech offered was limited by my introduction to it.

When I joined the TDP, the beginning of the programme was certainly challenging, I had to get my head around lots of new concepts like variables and object-orientated programming. Now looking back after the last year, I can see how much I have progressed in my learning. I still have a long way to go, but it is exciting to see how much I have learnt so far. Technology will always continue to give me something new to learn and there is so much potential for me to continue expanding my knowledge.

The TDP has helped me to recognise my own skills and to focus on developing myself. Eventually, the end goal is learning to utilise my technical knowledge and experience to benefit the environment. I strongly believe that technology is the means to a more sustainable future”.

Applications open Wednesday 6 October.