Our Senior Executives act with pride and integrity, role-modelling our values. They strive for high performance and are focused on maximising value for the business, our members and delivering sustainable results in an ever-changing environment. They achieve this through their people by actively involving and engaging them; creating an inspiring vision and demonstrating passion and energy.

Our Nationwide behaviours portray the leadership DNA of our organisation. They provide a common language to describe what great leadership looks like at all levels. Whichever part of the business you are joining, you will be instrumental in delivering long-term value to over 15 million members.

Over the past year we have invested over £11 million in employee development, enhancing further our already strong people proposition. 

“ To support your transition to Nationwide we offer a range of personal and professional development options. ”

We aim to set you up for success by ensuring you are provided with the key requirements to do your job; creating engagement and enablement from day one. On appointment you will be given access to our comprehensive "First 100 Days" framework which covers pre-boarding through to the first 100 days in role. It is designed to support you, and the people who will be supporting you, in your new role.

As you progress you can access a range of our Senior Executive master classes. Focused on topics that we know are essential for success in senior leadership positions, these are aligned to the Nationwide behaviours. They include leadership events which enable effective networking, as well as targeted master classes such as "strategic influencing" "empowering leadership" and "innovative thinking"; all designed to enhance your personal development and knowledge.