Responsible for delivering our customer strategy

Group Retail is headed by Chris Rhodes, Executive Director Group Retail. Group Distribution which is part of Group Retail is led by Graeme Hughes, Group Distribution Director.


Chris joined Nationwide in April 2009 from Abbey Santander, where he was director of retail distribution for Alliance and Leicester (A&L).

Chris' responsibilities include Nationwide's retail product range, distribution and marketing.

Chris has spent 20 years working in the financial services sector and his previous positions include deputy managing director of Girobank and retail operations director of A&L.  In 2003 he was appointed as managing director retail banking for the entire A&L Group.  In 2007 Chris moved to become group finance director, a role he held until the merger with Santander in 2008.


Graeme has spent his career spanning nearly 30 years at Nationwide. His role covers the Branch Network, Group Intermediary Sales, Nationwide Financial Solutions, and Central Distribution.  Previous to that he was Group Director People, Customer & Communication including HR, Customer Experience and Corporate Affairs. His background is predominantly that of the Branch Network, having originally joined on the Trainee Scheme and held every role from Branch Manager through to Regional Director. In addition to this he has a broad range of experience across the business having led the teams in Electronic Channels, the Mortgage Centres, was Managing Director of UCB Home Loans and Head of Group Strategy and Planning.

“ Group Retail is responsible for delivering our customer strategy, which aims to ensure we reward the customers who have a deeper relationship with Nationwide. ”

 The division manages all aspects of our products (mortgages, savings, general insurance, current accounts, personal loans, credit cards and protection & investments), from product development and customer experience, through to product campaigns and working with the distribution channels to bring new products onto the market and prime mortgage processing - including new applications and existing mortgage servicing.

It's also responsible for the management of Nationwide's brand, including press, radio and TV advertising and sponsorship activity as well as the data we hold about our customers which can be used to target specific groups of customers with direct mailings, and understand which customers hold which products.

Group Distribution oversees Nationwide's branch network, telephone sales, SFC network (Nationwide Financial Planning) and sales through intermediaries (Group Intermediary Sales).

The divisions within Group Retail are:

Products & Marketing

  • Digital Banking & Self Service
  • Mortgages and Savings
  • Banking, Insurance & Investments
  • Customer Strategy & Marketing
  • Collections & Recoveries

Group Distribution

  • Branch Network North & South
  • Central Distribution
  • Nationwide Financial Planning
  • Group Intermediary Sales
  • Future Customer Outcomes