Permanent Recruitment

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Guidance for agencies currently working with us

To help you successfully source candidates with us, we've included some key information on what our candidates can expect from the recruitment process at Nationwide. At a high-level, the process we follow is:

Recruitment process

 Vacancy raised

When a role is approved for release to agencies, we’ll contact you to see if this is something you could help with. If you think you can, that’s great, if you don’t feel it’s quite your remit that’s fine too, please just let us know.

Hiring manager briefing

At Nationwide we think the best way to give you a real feel for the role is to hear it directly from us or a hiring manager, so we’ll book in either a face- to- face briefing or conference call to discuss the vacancy in more detail.

Upload candidates

We’ll send you a link to our portal where you’ll be able to upload candidate’s CVs along with the Nationwide cover sheet. It’s best to put your contact details on the sheet so we can contact you with any update for the candidate(s).

Candidate screening

We review all CV’s in line with the requirements of the individual role. We'll then contact you to confirm next steps.


“ We use numerous assessment techniques, and the type of assessment your candidates are invited to may differ depending on the type of role they're interviewing for. We'll go through this with you before the interview to help make sure the candidates can perform to the best of their ability. ”

It’s likely there will be a competency based interview, and if so we recommend the STAR technique, however more information on our assessment processes can be found in our candidate briefing pack.

Outcomes & Feedback

Once we're in a position to let you know the outcome of the interviews, we'll get back in touch to advise the outcome.

Anything else?

If you’ve not worked with us before it’s unlikely you'll know how we operate as a Resourcing team. To help, we've included a few reminders below:

• Can't find what you're looking for? Contact our Resourcing team with any questions.
• Please do not directly contact our hiring managers with CVs or candidate details, as this is out of process we won't be able to support these requests.
• Submit any candidate details via the online portal
• Remember to let your Resourcing contact know if a candidate withdraws their application or can’t attend an interview.

The above steps will form part of any potential contract with us, anything outside of this process may result in you being excluded from Nationwide's preferred supplier list.