Would like to work with us

Thank you for your interest in working with us here at Nationwide, we are always on the lookout for exciting new talent and know that sometimes we need your help in finding that perfect candidate. To find out a little more about what we are about, our values and ways of working, please keep reading…

A little bit about us

We have a very highly skilled in-house recruitment team that are able to fill the vast majority of the vacancies we receive (around 95%).

This means around 5% (last year that equated to 130 vacancies) of our roles do go out to our partners for support. And the roles that do are usually highly specialised and/or that market is in very high demand.

Preferred Supplier List

When we do work with Agencies we operate a Preferred Supplier List (PSL) so unfortunately, it is not possible to accept candidates from every agency that contacts us.

We work hard to build good working relationships with our recruitment partners and we’ll ensure that you are briefed in full before having a role released to you and should you be accepted onto our PSL, you would be given access to our recruitment portal.

When the team feel that an agency could help us, the relevant vacancies would be opened up to you via the portal. Any candidates that you put forward to us, we expect you to have met them personally and ensured they are fully aware of the role in question.

At Nationwide we work by our PRIDE values, and hope you would as well, ensuring that your approach would fit what we look for in our working relationships. This means if you are looking to submit a candidate, you should look to do this via the recruitment portal, and not going directly to the hiring manager.

If you are looking to get onto our PSL we appreciate you are trying to build relationships but please don’t contact hiring managers directly, come through the Resourcing team instead.

We don’t accept cold calls or speculative CVs, if we receive a speculative CV this falls outside of our terms and you will not be eligible for a fee.

So if you are an agency and would like to be considered for our PSL please email resourcing.agencies@nationwide.co.uk with an explanation of the roles you could potentially help us fill, and we will contact you if we feel that we could build a working relationship.

How our PSL is managed

We have a diverse range of partners who support us with our recruitment needs, and as we are a constantly evolving business it’s likely our recruitment needs will change from time-to-time. We regularly review our PSL and have an in-house Performance team analysing success rates and trends, however we appreciate it’s not a one-sided relationship and we need to play our part as well. We often request feedback on our performance and aim to continually improve our performance and supplier relationships.

If you have worked with us previously

As a business we have changed a lot over the years, as have our recruitment needs. If you have worked with us previously but are not currently on our PSL it doesn’t mean that we don’t want to hear from you. We would appreciate any feedback you have and just because we are not working together at the moment, it doesn’t mean we won’t again in future so please stay in touch.

Business area information

If you think you might be able to support us with our recruitment needs but not sure what skill-sets we look for, please use the ‘Careers’ section of the below link for more information on our business areas. https://www.nationwide-jobs.co.uk/careers/