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Product & Proposition

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Radical developments in payment technology are influencing how our members interact with their accounts, and it’s our community that’s at the very heart of it. We’re people-focused, putting our members front and centre when it comes to developing ideas. We’re always looking for commercially-aware, strategically-minded people to join our team and make a difference.

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What we do

We develop the products and propositions our members ask for, and find ways of rewarding them for their loyalty. We work closely with our members to understand what products they need and when they need them. We also balance our Society’s needs with engaging reward scheme initiatives.

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Lakita James Rich

Meet the Rental Team

Lakita, Rich and James working on product design in the Rentals team are here to tell you a bit about what they're up to.

First up, James, what makes a good product?

A good product solves a real, well-evidenced problem or need of a user and is designed in a way that also works for the business - both in its ability to be delivered and financially. In our rental team, we all put time into understanding our users, their behaviours, their goals and their needs. It’s in this understanding that we ground our designs and decision making. We are continuously learning, designing, testing and iterating to ensure what we deliver is something that not only adds value to our users but is also something that we are proud of.

Lakita, what is the rental team working on? 

I'm currently leading product design for a new tool for private renters. We want to ensure that we’re adding value to the lives of this audience and offering solutions to help them achieve their goals and navigate some of the challenges of day-to-day life. 

The tool hasn’t been launched to the public yet so I have to stay a little tight lipped - but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reach out to ask me about it! Like with any great product, we’re putting our target audience at the heart of it. One of our core design principles is doing the hard work, so that our user’s experience is as simple as possible. 

We’re very close to the finish line of being able to release an MVP to a closed user group. Our product team and engineers are busy preparing for this, while our design team starts to work on future experiences. We’re looking at new feature possibilities and new rounds of iterations to existing flows based on research.

Rich, tell me about a typical day working as a Designer in the team? 

My morning usually starts off early and requires at least two coffees. I usually take time out at this point to answer questions regarding the current dev sprint. After that I get into ideation for the feature that has been allocated to me.

My design process usually starts with a holistic approach and includes referencing any information architecture, wireframes, technical requirements or user research into the ideation process. Once a firm-ish idea is created, I review what the commonly used patterns are and try to reflect these in the design system so that we are all singing from the same hymn sheet and not creating our own version of the same thing.

The design system is an ever increasing important design tool that improves design team efficiency and consistency. I like to have a regular check in with the rest of the team to make sure I am aligned to get feedback early on.  One of the things I love about the team is the multi-disciplines that are on hand to feed into ideation which almost always creates a better solution and improves my individual learning as a designer.

Back to you Lakita - what opportunities are there for exploring new skills and interests? 

Our team works like a start-up in many ways, with a variety of skilled people developing products in a fast and agile way. New opportunities arise organically as the product reaches new phases. Whether you’re looking to run more research, learn more about UX, running design sprints, lead on solving a specific design problem, building on design skills like motion and interaction, or anything else, we’re right behind you.  

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Rental Team

What's it like in the team?

Over a coffee, the Rentals Team explained how they've achieved success in a tough year, and how they've weathered remote working.

Marketing Director Pariss focussed on keeping up morale during the pandemic.

"While 2020 was one of the hardest years many of us will face in our lifetimes, it was arguably the most productive year we’ve had in Home Propositions. Naturally, many of us poured ourselves into our work and focused on the areas of our lives we could control. We each have a fair amount of autonomy in our roles and disciplines, which allows us to really bring our visions to life. This makes the work enjoyable - that, and working on quite exciting, life enhancing products.

"The pandemic taught us all a great deal about ourselves and each other.

"It opened us up to being more vulnerable, more human and with the help of many zoom calls - introduced us to people beyond what we would have seen in the office. We’ve seen partners, children, flatmates and some very mischievous pets.

"I would hate it if my team felt the need to wear a fake smile when they’re really struggling or just not feeling up to it. During this time we’ve acknowledged that it has been hard, we’ve been open about how we’re feeling and we’ve picked each other back up. We’re completely ourselves at work and we talk about the things that bother us as much as the things that excite us."

Eunbi, Product Designer

"I would definitely say this is the most agile/flexible team I’ve ever worked in. I joined Nationwide as a Junior Product Designer and the team gave me full ownership/trust on the work I do from my first week. I like to be challenged and just learn by doing it, and Lakita (Lead Designer) fully respects which area I’d like to develop and we as a team discuss workload and tasks collaboratively.

"When I get stuck on the journey I’m working on, I can always ask for help and support and the team will always make time for me. I’m feeling fully supported which makes me more confident in what I do and helps me picture my future career here Nationwide."

Mike, Product Owner

2020 changed the world and we are trying to find the good in that!  Whilst we will soon get access to a really swanky new Nationwide office in Holborn I don’t think we are ever going to go back to a world where everyone is in it 5 days a week. We have spent the whole lifetime of this product so far working remotely and have found lots of new ways to collaborate. 

We use Miro and Figma for planning and design, and are in regular contact throughout the day using Slack. That allows us to be really flexible about where people are based and we have got people working together from their homes in Swindon, Central London, Esher, Bristol along with our delivery partners in Yorkshire and India.  

We get loads of value out of sharing ideas with each other as we have a pretty diverse range of backgrounds and previous experiences. We all work hard to make sure that every voice is heard and no good ideas get missed.

Saff, Marketing Manager

I love working with this team and honestly it’s not like anywhere I’ve worked before! I come from a government background so I’m used to a more rigid and heavily structured way of working, but the rental team is so flexible - and the workplace culture is amazing. I’ve been here for 4 months and feel so immersed in the work and integrated with the team, everyone is really great and very skilled at what they do. The work is really hands on so it’s nice to be able to own specific parts of the project, whilst learning so much from other members of the team - everyone is always happy to help or share knowledge, feedback, whatever you want. I’m really looking forward to going into the office and meeting everyone face to face, but even without that aspect I really do feel like part of the team regardless!

Lakita, Lead Product Designer

For me as someone who’s been at Nationwide for 6 years and worked at a handful of different teams in the organisation, the culture here in terms of employee wellbeing and work-life balance is honestly top class! Nationwide genuinely cares about its employees. Use the Covid-19 case as an example, one of the first promises NBS made when the pandemic hit the UK was to not make any employees redundant that year. Soon after that the CEO announced that the whole leadership team would sacrifice their bonuses to recognise the hard work that all levels and functions have achieved in the year. From the rental team’s perspective, as we function like a new start-up, having Nationwide backing us up gives us peace of mind, the freedom to think innovatively and the courage to build ‘outside-the-box’ ideas.

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Products & Props

Another first for Nationwide

It’s important that our products and services reflect the changing needs of our members, at the heart of this development is the Products & Propositions team who are committed to improving our member offerings.

An example of this product innovation was the designing and launching of a lifetime mortgage to support members in later life looking to access the capital tied up in their property. In doing so, Nationwide became the first major high street lender to offer a lifetime mortgage. The team were careful to design a product that represented good value as well as including all checks and balances to ensure members fully understand how it works.

Chris Rhodes, Head of the People & Propositions team, commented: “All of our products and propositions remain focused on one thing – the needs of our members. This team takes accountability for ensuring they are at the forefront of our minds during the development process.”