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No going back: We're reimagining our world of work. Colleagues who were office-based can now ‘locate for their day’. Meet at a 'hub' office, work from home or somewhere else. The choice is yours! Find out more >

Risk Management Jobs & Careers

Protecting our Society

Risk Management Jobs & Careers

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We’re the protective wing of the business, providing advice and support on all things risk across the whole Society, making sure we remain compliant, operate efficiently, and act in the best interests of our members. We need people at every level, as long as they have an eye for detail and excellent communication skills.

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FC Analytics Consultant

£35,309 - £51,002

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FC Analytics Consultant - 18 Month Fixed Term Contract

£35,309 - £51,002

Location UK Wide
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From £19,647

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What we do

The work we do is both strategic and operational and covers the entire business, protecting our Society and the savings and investments our 15 million members have entrusted to us.

And that's no mean feat, with the constant flow of new technologies, easier processes for our members and a robust regulatory framework. Our world never stands still but innovation is the best future-proofing, so that's just how we like it.

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Managing Risk in Building Societies

This one-day conference had such a variety of sessions it was run across two sites with a packed agenda. The aim - to promote a risk conversation on key topics of today and tomorrow and understand how all roles now contain an element of risk management.
With sessions being run by experts from the Institute of Risk Management, the International Compliance Association and other big accounting firms, the conference gave professionals from across the industry the opportunity to network, exchange ideas and gain different perspectives. Over 300 delegates from 20 organisations took part.

Achieving a good risk culture

At lunchtime, Nationwide’s Risk Education Lead Snigdha Bircher moderated a lively panel discussion on risk culture in Building Societies. Chief Risk Officers Julia Dunne, Manjit Hayre and Richard Wells from Nationwide, West Brom and Yorkshire Building Societies respectively underlined the importance of a culture that appropriately considers risk in every team. That means individuals taking responsibility, transparency, and having a learning culture where feedback is encouraged and mistakes are learnt from.

Discussing the biggest blocker to creating the right risk culture Robin Frieth, CEO of the Building Societies Association thought it was ‘fear’. Nationwide’s CEO Joe Garner proposed that relying on the rule book rather than focusing on what is right to meet the member’s needs is not helpful in developing a healthy risk culture.

The panels’ belief in the importance of open lines of communication, the value of the discussion, and listening to diversity of thought, aligned squarely with Nationwide’s objective in running the Let’s Talk Risk event. The organisers were keen that people from diverse roles across Building Societies with an interest in risk would be freely able to attend the sessions pertinent to them and make good use of the networking time between each presentation.

Peers from audit, cyber security, AML, risk, fraud, and branch management heard expert views on a wide-range of topics and shared their experiences for the benefit of all.

Look out for news from Nationwide’s Risk Academy on future events.

Careers Worth Relocating For

Why we're worth relocating for

Relocating for work can be an exciting new start. Two employees who work in Risk share their relocation stories.

Hugo, Senior Risk Manager, relocated from Brazil

I started working for Nationwide in January 2016 after 15 years with another financial company in Brazil.

Of course, there are always going to be some challenges surrounding relocating abroad. Besides adapting to regional and cultural aspects, there is also a different corporate culture to get used to. You’ve definitely got to be open and adaptable. In my case, both HR and my line manager played a very important role helping me to have a smooth transition and to find my feet quickly. My team was also very supportive.

I’ve settled in really well, having been able to find a nice place to live in the countryside with my family. I’m also satisfied with the work-life balance that Nationwide supports, so I’m able to spend plenty of quality time with my wife, daughter and our dogs.

One piece of advice I’d give those who are considering relocating from abroad is to definitely plan ahead and be prepared for the upcoming challenges you will be facing. In addition to the professional side of things, even the most basic of matters such as opening a bank account and renting a house can be difficult without thorough planning, especially having no credit history or previous address in the UK.

Living in the UK and working at Nationwide has provided me with a valuable opportunity to continue building my career. My medium-term goal is to focus on achieving a higher level within the organisation, I truly believe that this is achievable as Nationwide seems like a company where hard work pays off!

Angel, Risk Manager Lead, relocated from Bulgaria

The decision to come to work in the UK was not an easy one to make. However, I had high hopes about my new life in the UK when I decided to move, but I was a little uncertain about what I should expect.

Now, two years later, I feel that I’ve settled in really well. My wife has also been able to join me in the UK and is now working at Nationwide too. The best thing about working at Nationwide and living in Swindon has been the people. My teammates and colleagues from the wider team have been very supportive and really friendly. It’s great to be able to learn, develop and work alongside positive and dedicated people. The friends I have made along the way have also helped to make life here really enjoyable.

Nationwide provided me with a relocation package and supported me in finding a place to stay. My colleagues also gave me advice and guidance in searching for a place to rent, using their own experience.

I was really proud to be an Employee of the Year finalist during my first year at Nationwide. These awards acknowledge Nationwide’s appreciation of employees’ efforts, contributions and behaviour, and to be considered for this award was an honour.

Striking a healthy work-life balance is easy here; I’m able to enjoy a flexible working pattern and the opportunity to work from home one day a week. Outside of work I enjoy playing tennis with friends, going on motorcycle rides and enjoying the brilliant landscape and wonderful nature. Both my wife and I have a monthly subscription for the local cinema and we enjoy watching movies and meeting with friends.