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6 tips for days in the office


6 tips for days in the office

At Nationwide, we're committed to investing in our workplace estate so that our offices are inspiring places to work and collaborate. So how can you get the most out of your days in the office.

Utilise every week day

Spread out your office days across the week, including Mondays and Fridays. Mondays can be a good day to get together as a team, getting ready for the week ahead. Fridays could be the day that you meet up with others for lunch or a coffee, as well as closing off any key work for the week.

Book desks easily

Our internal booking system means you can locate a desk near to your colleagues, book in meeting spaces and look for other colleagues to collaborate with. Booking ahead gives you the confidence that your space is ready for when you arrive.

Try different locations or spaces

Our buildings have a variety of workspaces, from open community areas, private meeting rooms and quiet focus areas. So whatever the task you need to focus on, you'll a range of options to choose from. 

Sync days with your team

Speaking to your team is the best way to agree on when you'll meet in person. Being surrounded by your colleagues means you get to know them better, you learn from each other and the team performance increases. This is also a chance to sync with other teams for when you're working on collaborative projects.

Maximise time without your team

Days when your team aren't in the office also provide you with the opportunity to get to know other colleagues, or get your head down to focus without distractions. 

Build your wellbeing

Some of our buildings have free gyms on site. Alternatively take the time to connect through lunch or coffee, head out for a walk, or find a quiet space to get some you time.