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Anthony: What I've gained from the Tech Development Programme

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Anthony: What I've gained from the Tech Development Programme

We talked to Anthony, Security Engineer about his experience to date and what he's gained from the Technology Development Programme.

Please introduce yourself

My name is Anthony and I joined the TDP (Technology Development Programme) in 2020. My background is retail management, but I wanted to further my passion for technology and make it a career. I'm now 18 months on from rolling off the programme and am still using the fundamental skills I learned to this day. I made a huge leap changing careers, with a young family to support and a niggling anxiety about making the right choice to change my career. I can confidently say, the TDP was the best career decision I’ve ever made and I should have made the leap sooner.

What were you doing before the programme?

Before joining the TDP I was working in one of Nationwide's branches. Managing a medium grade location with 9 members of staff and thousands of members. I worked within retail for the previous 10 years with a joy for managing a team and progressing individuals’ talents and careers. I complete a 'get into tech' course and found a real passion for software engineering. I knew I had to do something with my newfound enjoyment and the TDP was the best way into a new career.

How have you developed as a person whilst on the programme?

I have learnt to trust myself and my abilities more. Moving from management to technology helped me to be more confident in myself to own the process. I have progressively built confidence in my personal work, from document production to writing secure code. I have learnt more about my personal work style, enjoying the practicality of working whilst listening to cyber security podcasts or upskilling through training videos whilst balancing my emails. I didn't realise how much information my brain could take until I opened it to the vast world of information technology.  The TDP helped me develop my stakeholder management skills too, being clear with Say it straight, and supporting decisions to drive a project further.

What new knowledge have you gained?

The level of knowledge gained is indescribable from what I initially expected to learn.  I have gained a range of new skills and knowledge in various areas, such as problem solving, communication and creative thinking. I have also learned the fundamentals of coding, cyber security, software development and its lifecycle. Additionally, I have been able to develop and hone my existing skillsets in project and time management, as well as developing my knowledge on the latest technology trends.  Lastly, I have been able to expand my network and tap into the experiences of my peers in the IT field.

What new skills have you gained?

I have gained additional interpersonal skills. Gaining a new knowledge of how to interact with a wide range of technical knowledge and abilities and how to communicate this to varying audiences. I have gained confidence in presenting back thoughts and opinions which I believe can be a challenge for some people. I have also gained networking and relationship building skills which will help me to build connections within the industry and increase my knowledge.

How have your relationships become more rewarding?

My relationships with colleagues have now become stronger as all have a huge common interest. We can now share ideas, experiences and learn from each other to improve our knowledge of the development programme. This has been particularly rewarding in developing a network of contacts that I can reach out to for support and advice. I have gained more friends through my new role and learnt so much from individuals with such diverse backgrounds, knowledge and interests.

I balance home working with travelling to our London office for any essential meetings. Working from home has proven to be a blessing, seeing my children grow whilst working on my career and building relationships at the same time

What's next for you?

I am working on progressing through my new career, recently receiving a promotion just over 12 months after finishing the programme. I am now very excited to be managing a new set of individuals who will join the programme shortly and my team. Being able to give back to the programme that allowed me to achieve so much has become a real passion for me. I can't wait to learn more from others on the programme whilst helping them achieve their best selves in this fantastic career.