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Celebrating Customer Service Excellence


Celebrating Customer Service Excellence

Last month’s CCA awards recognised exceptional employees who deliver outstanding achievements in Customer Service excellence.

Joanna, one of four nominees from Nationwide, tells us how it feels to be recognised, and how her determination to get things done made her stand out from the crowd.

Please introduce yourself.

Hey all, I'm Jo Marsden a team leader in the contact centre where I have held the position for 24 of the 32 years I’ve been with Nationwide. I am one week away from my 32nd work anniversary which I say very proudly. I have been known to make the odd cake or two as well as homemade cheese straws. I seem to have coined a phrase over the years of "it’s just my job" and I stand by this, so my team and I always strive for excellence.

What CCA Award are you nominated for?

I was very kindly and humbly nominated for the CCA team leader of the year award and was very lucky to then be shortlisted. For me to even be considered for this award is recognition enough, but to then get through to the shortlist was nothing short of one of the proudest moments in my career. Another proud moment for me was way back in 1997 when I was nominated for employee of the year - my attributes then were being "a fountain of knowledge" something that has never left me and I am always the curious one to this day.

How does it feel to be nominated for the award?

I like to say it straight, always have done, so our current customer first behaviours are right up my street. I was initially mortified as I'm not one to take praise "as it’s just my job", my peers and managers knew I would be but still took the time out of their busy work schedules to write some very complimentary things about me. As the event got closer, I won't lie, I maybe wanted to win a little bit, but I am the least competitive person out there, but wanted to be able to bring home (to Nationwide) an accolade that was worthy of being on display. 

What drives you to deliver excellence for our customers?

Quite simply put "our customers". For me, the contact centre and branches are the heart of Nationwide and where we have the most impact on our customers receiving the right outcome. On the service they deliver, and the vulnerabilities they spot and address, I empower my team to think outside the box. Is there a process that could be made slicker? what barriers are faced day to day? how can we support our customers fully at the times they need us the most? I am in a prime position as a team leader to listen to my team and customers' feedback and report back to push for better, challenge the status quo and get the job done, I leave no stone unturned.

Can you tell us about a time when you were able to help a customer through a life-changing moment of theirs?

As a team leader, I support and encourage my team every day to ensure our customers have the right outcome and support when they contact us. I instil a sense of pride to ensure any contact with a customer results in an issue being resolved. If you work for me, I expect you to feel challenged and supported. I like to think people believe I bring out the best of my team inspiring loyalty and hard work and empowering them to do more themselves.

If you work with me, you will have a colleague with a wealth of knowledge and experience and a person to turn to (and perhaps a shoulder to cry on). I care deeply about our customers and the service we provide them. For me it’s personal, and I’m always thinking of ways to improve the service to our customers - making us more efficient and providing better value. If you work with me expect to be challenged, for questions to be asked and for me to demand more.

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