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Chris: Nationwide's commitment to consistency


Chris: Nationwide's commitment to consistency

Chris: Nationwide's commitment to consistency

Chris highlights the benefits of his decision to join Nationwide and how it has not only advanced his personal career but also contributes to the reliability and stability offered to our customers.

Please can you introduce yourself.

I'm Chris, I have worked for Nationwide for 5 years.  I'm the manager of our Chorley branch and have been here for 2 years.  Prior to this I worked in the Bolton branch as a Member Representative for 3 years.

I'm responsible for making sure the branch is running efficiently and effectively, I do this by making sure that my team members are knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful so that they can make sure our customers get simply brilliant service!

What does the branch promise mean to you?

That we are here on the High Street for not only our existing customers but also new customers. We are available to them face to face when they need us most, now and in the future.

It also gives me personal stability that my place of work is here to stay, giving me financial security moving forward unlike so many other places of work.

Why is the branch promise important to our customers?

I feel this gives our customers a sense of comfort and puts them at ease knowing we are here for them now and in the future especially when they need us most.

Why is now the right time to join our teams in branch?

Joining Nationwide was the best decision I ever made! Now more than ever I believe that with the cost-of-living crisis, Nationwide have shown themselves to be a national treasure over the past few years with the support they have given to their employees.

I personally have been able to progress my career in this time which would not have been possible without the support of Nationwide and my colleagues.

Now is the perfect time to join Nationwide and become part of a brilliant team.

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