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Danielle: What our Branch Promise means to me


Danielle: What our Branch Promise means to me

Unlike the big banks, we’re not closing our branches. Knowing our customers still value speaking face-to-face alongside calling us or using our digital services is why we made our Branch Promise in March 2019. And why we have renewed it until at least 2026.

We asked Danielle, one of our Member Representatives about what our Branch Promise means to her.

Please could you Introduce yourself?

I’m Danielle and I’ve been working as a Member Representative at Nationwide for just over a year. I’m first point of contact in the branch dealing with both basic and complex transactions. In the branch network we also have selected time periods throughout our week where we complete contact centre calls, where again we’re speaking with customers at first point of contact, it’s just through a different channel.

What does the Branch Promise mean to you?

Although I’ve only been working for Nationwide for just over a year, I have seen banking change rapidly. In my local town, there are now just 3 banking branches left, with Nationwide being one of them.

I love the different aspects of my job role but really appreciate the deeper relationships and rapport you can build with customers face-to-face. The extension of the branch promise has also given me more confidence in job security, especially when Members mention our competitors are closing their branches.

Why is our Branch Promise important to our customers?

Members really value a branch presence. With the increase in scams that are circulating, people really appreciate the direct face-to-face contact ensuring they are speaking to someone trustworthy.

The increase in branch closures within financial services can have a major impact on confidence, with the fear that Nationwide might follow suit. The extension of the Branch Promise has not only given our existing Members reassurance, but it has also attracted new customers from our competitors.

I noticed some customers were reluctant to use channels such as online banking because they feared reducing their branch use would lead to closures. Now the Branch Promise has been extended, our customers seem more confident to use multiple channels.

Why is now the right time to join our Retail teams?

It’s not just financial services that is affecting customer service. People can often struggle to speak to a real person regardless of industry. You can tell that our customers really appreciate that with Nationwide they can come into a branch or speak to someone directly on the phone.

Helping our customers is really rewarding. I’ve only been with Nationwide for a year but I really enjoy my role, being at first point of contact it is so varied, with a great support network.

I’m also developing through the Level 3 Senior Financial Services Customer Advisor Apprenticeship which I’m really enjoying. There are also so many future opportunities with my career, starting in a branch feels the best way to explore that.