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Feeling comfortable and confident

Culture Inclusion

Feeling comfortable and confident

At Nationwide we ensure our people are empowered to be themselves.

Our colleagues are sharing their stories and creating open discussions, enabling everyone to learn more about Pride and LGBTQ+ representation.

We spoke with Audit Director, Sally, who says she’d tell her younger self to ‘be open-minded and embrace the path that life takes you’.

“I always feel a fraud talking about being LGBTQ+, despite happily being an ally to others in the community. I’m in my 40s, and until I met my partner three years ago, I’d never dated a woman. I find labels difficult. I don’t like them being applied to me, although I understand that’s different for us all. But I’ve met someone I love; they happen to be of the same gender.”

For Sally, meeting Charley has opened a new world to her.

She adds: “These days, there are so many options for everyone – I’m excited for our children and all the different paths they may take. The world is a much wider more accepting place.”

Being a Director in Audit, Sally went on to discuss how she feels working at Nationwide and in particular her Audit community:

“The Audit Community is both diverse and inclusive. I’ve always felt comfortable and confident in discussing my partner and our family life.  It’s really refreshing to feel so accepted.

When I ‘came out’ to my parents one of their main concerns was that it would damage my career, this was in 2019!  The fact that I have a female partner has never presented any barriers or issues at Nationwide. It doesn’t define who I am, and I don’t think it has either held me back or boosted my career.  It is just part of who I am and that is fully accepted”.

Our Proud Network and People & Culture community have worked hard over the last year with inclusion partners, colleagues and leaders across the Society to improve the support we give to LGBTQ+ employees and members. And we're proud to be ranked within the Top 100 Inclusive Employers by Stonewall.