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Happily hybrid: We're reimagining our world of work. Teams who were office-based now ‘locate for their day’. Find out more >

What does Happily Hybrid mean?

Hybrid working

What does Happily Hybrid mean?

Instead of returning to pre-pandemic working practices, we've introduced a 'locate for our day' approach, focussed on how people can do their best work rather than where they are based. It's hybrid, led by whether the work at hand is best accomplished by having our 'heads up', 'heads down' or 'heads together'.

  • Is the focus of your day a 'head's together' project where meeting up with your team in person at one of our hub locations will be most effective?
  • Or do you have 'heads down' tasks you want to focus on uninterrupted at home?
  • Or, as many days are, is it about being 'heads up' and staying involved in conversations? So you might want to start the day at home attending online meetings; then visit an office to collaborate with colleagues; before returning home for a hybrid event.

These short animations have a little more detail about each option.

Heads together

Heads down

Heads up

It's all about being led by the work individuals and their teams are doing, about flexibility, understanding and respecting the needs of others, and working as a collective to deliver the best results for our members.