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How GROW is helping my career

Career Development

How GROW is helping my career

Learning has always been hugely important to me, it keeps me curious, energised and feeling like I’m moving forward. But it’s sometimes been difficult to know where to focus my efforts. We’re in an attention economy with so many rabbit holes that can sap your time and take away your focus.

Enter, the GROW platform. A career planning and development tool that as I write has just had it’s 1st birthday at Nationwide. I’ve sometimes been a bit cynical of these tools, as they can often just be an e-learning platform of standardised content.

GROW is different, it’s dynamic, hyper personalised and very flexible depending on where you’re looking to develop.

Working for a large organisation, it can sometime be difficult to know where your next career step might be. With GROW I’m able to add my skills and preferences and I’m not just presented with a next possible step, I get whole career paths with details on the skills I need to develop to work towards these.  

Knowing the skills I need to develop then helps me optimise my career planning through suggested learning, mentors and open positions.  

And for when I need to hire for Employer Brand Projects or want to offer my services as a mentor, I simply switch to the hire functionality to start advertising to colleagues.

In a world where we’re so pressed for time, GROW is invaluable for focusing my own career development. Just one more of the incredible benefits of working for Nationwide.