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Is the Technology Development Programme for me?

Early Careers

Is the Technology Development Programme for me?

The Nationwide Technology Development Programme provides a helping hand to anyone with the right potential and ambition considering a career in IT.

Mark manages our Nationwide Technology Development Programme and has been in various management roles in the Society including within Training and Operations. He also ran his own business.

“We provide on the job experience, qualifications and personal development so people starting their careers can gain specialist knowledge and experience along their chosen career path.”

Nationwide is becoming increasingly known for its technical innovation and digital society strategy, and now has a sizeable portfolio of change programmes, That’s why we developed a future talent pipeline to support this growth. Measuring TDP success is simple – within 1-2 years individuals leave the programme to progress in IT roles across the Society.

“It’s our diverse approach to careers changers as well that helps sets us apart from our competitors – we’re not just interested in graduates – though they are of course welcome!”

The programme itself provides comprehensive development activities, on the job experience, and a great network of support. This includes the group itself, managers, buddies, technical mentors and their dedicated programme manager.

"What I love about my role is that I have the privilege of supporting the development of our future tech talent. In turn I know they will continue to provide innovative solutions that enhance how our customers choose to bank with us."

The Technology Development Programme looks for potential – both WHAT you can do and HOW you would do it.

We find the best candidates are those who are comfortable working in a team; their ongoing collaboration with project teams, partners and the wider business is key. It also helps if they have a rational, structured approach to their day-to-day activity and the ability to drive their own learning and career development.