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Louise, loving learning on the Technology Development Programme

Early Careers

Louise, loving learning on the Technology Development Programme

I used to teach Maths in Further Education colleges working with diverse students and giving additional learning support. It was an amazing job with so much to challenge you and no two days were the same.

When I reached forty, I wanted to move into something new that would reignite my passion for learning and give me the opportunity to develop. I needed a diverse workplace with values that matched mine and I set my heart on Nationwide. Friends already worked here and, listening to their experiences, I knew Nationwide was the place for me.

I had always wanted to get into Engineering, and by chance Nationwide visited the college where I worked. TDP sounded exactly what I was looking for, so I went for it and was successful in gaining a place on the 2016 cohort. TDP training was not as I expected - it was so much better! There was a great mix of technical learning, on-the-job and soft skills in leadership and understanding yourself and others. This learning journey set me on a pathway into developing my skills, growing my knowledge, and supporting others to learn.

I remember finishing the programme and becoming an Engineer, so proud that I had achieved the goal. I started on the Windows 10 rollout project; it was the challenge that I needed to identify my own key skills and what I wanted to learn and what I needed to learn. Working with some amazing team members, I started to identify that I was a strong leader and needed to develop more in this area. This was always encouraged and I am forever grateful for the support and guidance from my managers.

Now as an E2, line manager and task manager I feel I have the role I truly wanted and needed to fulfil my initial goal. I really enjoy managing and developing people and seeing them grow. I manage TDP/new E1s mainly and enjoy supporting them through their journey. It really adds value to my day!

I currently work in Security, specifically in access management. My technical side is based around key analysis; mitigating risks; understanding designs of application access; stakeholder and team management; planning demand; knowledge development and training. All to support myself and my team to be at our best and protect the Society.

I have learnt that people are central to the success of a team and working within a team that supports you whilst you support them is vital. Valuing the whole person and not just the work person enables key relationships to grow, and these relationships will stay with you throughout your time at Nationwide. This is what makes Nationwide a great place to work and develop your skills into whatever you want and be supported in your journey.