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Nikita: What I've gained from the Tech Development Programme

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Nikita: What I've gained from the Tech Development Programme

We talked to Nikita, about her experience to date and what she's gained from her experience on a Nationwide Technology Development Programme.

Please introduce yourself

My name is Nikita, and I joined the Technology Development Programme (TDP) as a career changer in May 2022.  I’m a TDP Analyst in Nationwide’s Security and Resilience team. I’m from India and have been in the UK for 15 years. I live with my family in Essex and have spent the last 9 years of my career working at Nationwide.

What were you doing before the programme?

I have been fortunate to gain experience in various roles across Nationwide before joining the TDP. This has helped me bring soft skills to the role and helped me with my development. I’ve worked as a Customer Representative, a Personal Banking &Insurance Manager, a Member Representative and a Mortgage Representative, all before joining the TDP.  

How have you developed as a person whilst on the programme?

During the programme I have undergone significant personal growth. I have enhanced my technical knowledge and skills, improved my time management skills, and have developed knowledge and passion for Inclusion, Diversity & Wellbeing. Engaging with diverse stakeholders has broadened my worldview for technology and made me more adaptable to the fast-changing tech world. Overall TDP has sharpened my technical knowledge but also my personal skills.

What new knowledge have you gained?

Throughout this programme, I’ve gained profound insights into various areas of tech. I’ve completed two core modules for business analysis, I’ve delved deeply into subjects like Azure fundamentals, Agile fundamentals, and completed some pathways of CISSP from Pluralsight. I’ve also developed practical skills in using JIRA, GitHub, Confluence, Microsoft 365 and learned how to collaborate effectively with peers in an Agile environment.

What new skills have you gained?

Beyond academics I’ve built a diverse set of skills that have significantly enriched my capabilities.  Effective time management and improved communication have been instrumental in both my personal and professional life I have sharpened my research, analytical and problem-solving skills. Tech is always changing and I’ve become more adaptable and open to new challenges, a really strong foundation for success in my future career.

How have your relationships become more rewarding?

Open communication and mutual understanding has helped me to see different perspectives, Improving my conflict resolution skillset has allowed me to Say it straight, which has led to stronger and more resilient bonds.

What's next for you?

After the programme I’ll become an E1 Engineer where I can further build on the learning and skills I have achieved during the TDP.

I‘ll continue to be a big advocate of the programme, particularly supporting people who might be scared of a big career change and just need to understand the benefits of a programme like the TDP.  I’m also going to keep networking and building relationships with people from different areas, and will continue to build my knowledge and skills to support my career journey.