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What I've Learnt So Far: Insights and Lessons from My Journey 

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What I've Learnt So Far: Insights and Lessons from My Journey 

Now four weeks into their Internship at Nationwide, we checked in with Shuri, Funmi and Hannah to see what they've learnt so far.

What have you learnt so far about Nationwide?

Shuri: During my four weeks at Nationwide, I've learnt a lot, including: 

  • How diverse and interrelated the employees are (through the various communities that work together to make things better for everyone.) 
  • How Nationwide differs from traditional banks.  
  • Most importantly, I’ve learnt at Nationwide that everyone's viewpoint matters and that it's okay to ask questions and approach people for clarification. The engaging and collaborative traits of Nationwide are quite unique, and I’ve learnt a lot from it. I'm grateful to be an intern here.    

Funmi: As an intern in Supplier Management. I am learning a lot about the intricacies of managing relationships with external suppliers who play a crucial role in debt recoveries. I see how Nationwide is dedicated to being a Modern Mutual, and puts customer service, operational excellence, and innovative development at the heart. I have learnt about how this translates to the work we do with the suppliers, making sure to develop a robust consumer duty and continuous improvement framework. I have also learnt about the importance of monitoring the performance of the suppliers and conducting reviews of their operations, adherence to policy, and quality assurance. 

Hannah: I have learnt a great deal about Nationwide over a short time. Firstly, Nationwide is the world’s largest building society, run for the benefit of its customers and members. Their PRIDE ethos makes Nationwide a great place to bank and work. It's incredible that their mission to help it members has remained constant since it began in the 19th century. The best part about being an intern at Nationwide is learning what takes place behind the scenes. I have been introduced to the employee networks and how they are making Nationwide a more equitable place for its employees. It's been a great help for my own project which is centred around diversity and inclusion. Nationwide also gives back to communities via social investment opportunities throughout the year. 

What skills have you gained or built upon during your Internship?

 Shuri: The skills I'm building throughout my internship are: 

  • Communication – I’m building my skills with the other interns, employees and my line manager.  
  • Teamwork – I’m working on an internal project, attending stand up meetings and following up on the project outcomes. 
  • Problem solving – I’m learning from my interaction with other teams on how we understand the project requirements and how to solve problems. 
  • Planning and data analysis – I’m using new tools to help me to better plan and prioritise. I’m also building my data analysis skills.  

Funmi: I’m gaining expertise in building relationships with external suppliers to ensure efficient debt collection processes. I’m also gaining experience in interpreting data to identify trends, measure supplier performance, and make data-driven decisions. I am learning to identify areas of improvement in current processes and suggesting ways to enhance efficiency. Additionally, I am developing an understanding of the different laws and regulations in the finance industry. 

Hannah: A key skill that I am developing over this internship is time management. I made a 6-week timeline with weekly goals to stay on track with my tasks. My project combines data analysis and research so organisation is essential. I am also building my knowledge of ID&W strategy. I didn't realise how much data and statistics inform the types of strategies that could be implemented. Continuous evaluation and critical thinking also play a key role in producing the most effective ID&W strategies. One of my jobs is to assess the Remarkable Women Programme via gathering participant feedback. I have learnt the importance of asking the right questions, so problems can be identified and therefore, solved. In the last few weeks, I hope to add report writing to my skillset as I gather my findings.    

What have you learnt about yourself during your Internship?

Shuri: This internship has been beneficial to me. I've realised that the only limit to how far I can think, work, or act on a given project is myself. I feel more I can achieve far more than I had ever previously imagined. It can sometimes feel daunting when you take on a new task but after working at it and successfully completing it, the joy is immense.   

Funmi: During this internship, I have gained valuable insights about myself. This experience has revealed my strengths, such as adaptability and the ability to work well in a team. I have discovered a passion for a customer-centric approach to problem-solving and process improvements. The internship has also highlighted areas for my professional growth in Debt Collections & Recoveries and I am excited about being more knowledgeable about the subject. Overall, this experience has helped me become more self-aware and equipped me with the skills to succeed in my future endeavours. 

Hannah: The biggest lesson I have learnt is to keep challenging myself. It doesn't need to be anything extraordinary. Reaching out to someone who has an interesting job or experience can be a start. Nationwide has been a welcoming and supportive environment; this makes connecting with people less daunting. Another important lesson is to ask for help if I find something difficult. It can save time and unnecessary stress. Prioritising tasks has also helped me massively as I can network and take courses on GROW alongside my main project. Lastly, add creativity, passion and innovation to any work I complete; it makes the process more enjoyable!  

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