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Mapping out the future of our Society


Our team

We’re a community of specialist practitioners who plan and execute strategic project investment across the Society. Our remit encompasses all aspects of the change lifecycle, from upfront planning to delivery and implementation. We need people with skills in project management, business analysis and architecture to join our team.

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Cloud Platform Engineer


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Cloud Platform Monitoring Engineer


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Lead Cloud Runtime Platform Engineer


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What we do

We make sure investment is prioritised effectively so it delivers the maximum benefits for both our Society and our members. We have ambitious investment priorities, and we’re focusing our efforts on broadening our methodologies to future-proof our change activity.


Meet our Cloud Centre of Excellence leader

As a Delivery Lead in the Platform Squad, I’m focused on the leadership of Nationwide’s Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE). That involves everything from ground up creation and operational design through to building out the CCoE to its current state. I’ve got a great team which I’m really proud of and we’ve had an incredibly busy six months from when the CCoE proposal was agreed to our big launch at HQ earlier in May.

What’s your background? 

My whole career has centred on technology driven change. I’ve worked with most of the UK high street banks along with numerous global institutions in the past 20+ years, in interim management positions and prior to that consulting with IBM. A consistent theme in my career has been helping these organisations adapt to new technology, evolving their working practices to embrace and exploit new opportunities as they emerge.

What does your day-to-day work involve?

We’re still in the process of growing the team and our capability while simultaneously delivering cloud solutions. So I’m regularly involved in supporting the team with their challenges, whether related to resourcing, delivery, technology, partnering or the ways we work.

What’s exciting about the work?

For a start every day is different and presents new challenges. The vibe in our team is what I imagine a start-up would feel like in terms of challenge, pace and high ambition. We’ve made some great strides in a short period of time through working with industry partners, and through using some great new tech. We’re delivering incrementally, so benefits can be seen rapidly, rather than working on something huge that takes a lot longer to see results. These are all factors that really motivate me and the team.

What are the challenges?

A key challenge is balancing the need to move at pace and not reinvent the wheel, without adopting AN Other company’s vision of what Cloud should be, which could present us with longer term challenges.

It’s also fair to say we are still on a journey of embracing and maturing our agile delivery, so there can be tension around expectations of new and old ways of working. This presents challenges for sure, but the way we’re going about the work, educating people along the way, showing results quickly while keeping our member security close to everything we do, and respecting controls, means we’re continually improving.

In the Cloud CoE we’ve also got great sponsorship and backing from the top down, which helps us so much day to day across all our work.

What are you looking for in terms of new talent?

We’re looking for people with the right mind-sets – problem solvers, self-starters and team players who are comfortable working at pace. People who can make risk-based decisions, who can innovate, but appreciate that this is a regulated industry and there are boundaries to respect. We’ve got a strong brand and high expectations from our members, so we must strike the right balance. But if you are passionate about making change for the better, want interesting, challenging work in financial services in a supportive environment, we’re a great team to join. Plus alongside our strong bases in Swindon and Bristol, we’re expanding around the country.

Yes, we’re obviously looking for Cloud Specialists, but we value well rounded people who understand a range of modern technology and change disciplines. I believe the days of being a niche expert are diminishing – things move too quickly now to become pigeon holed.

How is Nationwide different to other organisations you’ve worked for?

We’re about exploitation of new technology for sure, but we’re genuinely aligned as a company around the one goal of being here of the benefit of our members. I find it makes for a better work atmosphere with significantly less internal competition and waste compared to other organisations I’ve worked with.



Tim Wright Cloud Team

Spotlight on Tim, IT Ops Cloud Readiness Lead

As Nationwide goes Cloud native, it’s an exciting time to be a part of the Cloud team as they face into the opportunities and challenges ahead. Underpinning this journey is the need for skilled people to build, run and support our adoption of Cloud.

Meet Tim, Nationwide’s IT Operations Cloud Readiness Lead, who is working to ensure the business is ready for Cloud adoption from a people, process and technology perspective.

Creating an ‘A-Team’

To start with we needed to build the team, over the past 12 months, we’ve brought in 13 engineers who are responsible for building and supporting cloud environments in operation across the business. It’s still work in progress, and the team will continue to grow and mature as Cloud usage increases across Nationwide.

What’s your background?

I joined Nationwide in 2011 and in that time have held several leadership roles forming and leading technical teams. This is one of the things I love about working for Nationwide, there are always plenty of opportunities to develop and grow in new and varied roles. I saw this role as a challenge as it was outside of my comfort zone. I needed to build a team from scratch but had no prior experience in Cloud. At the same time I was excited as I saw this as a fantastic opportunity so, I went in relying on the experience and approach I’d developed in previous technical leadership roles. I was fortunate to have a great network of people that I engaged with on a regular basis who supported me on the journey.

What’s exciting about the work?

I love the cross collaboration, combined with the integrity and social purpose of Nationwide, my team and I can make a genuine difference in supporting our teams across the Society with their Cloud needs. I believe we’re building a great working relationship based on trust and respect.

And personal highlights…

Not only has my technical knowledge grown, it’s also been great to see the team of talented individuals develop and grow. And it isn’t just about the initial training, it’s about providing our Cloud Site Reliability Engineer’s (SREs) with a varied role and continuous development opportunities. Which is why we’re developing a rotation approach, so all our engineers are responsible for both the delivery and running of our platforms.

One of the SREs in my team reflected to me how refreshing it is that we're not viewed by the business as siloed engineers or developers but instead we ‘act like developers and think like systems operators’. I love this ethos and crystallises how we pull us together as one team.

Alex Hayzeldennew EDITED

Meet our Head of Cloud Technology

Alex is one of the leading experts in the area of AI and Cloud computing. He’s accountable for the tech aspect of the cloud programme at Nationwide, which means he defines the vision and provides technology leadership and oversight.

Alex’s short-term goals include pivoting the team into a DevOps way of working and bringing operational colleagues closer to development practice. This means you can build solutions that go from cradle to grave. So that ‘good’ isn't just the engineered feature or functionality, but a whole software development lifecycle that plays out until the solution can be production hosted.

Short term and long term, his aim is to make things faster, cheaper and better, where better means reducing risk. This is challenging because cloud constitutes an immense amount of automation so there is a lot of training that needs to be given not just to the application teams but also the engineers involved in the creation of the platform products. The focus is on understanding the value and the output of what the cloud platform will give the application teams when they host their applications on there.

As a ‘deep technologist’ Alex loves being involved in the latest tech and collaborating with people to achieve advancements with technology. When he’s not working or spending time with his family, he likes swimming and classic cars. And of course, he loves nothing more than geeking out about the latest tech!