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Coronavirus update: We know coronavirus is causing a lot of uncertainty, so we just want to reassure you that we’re still recruiting. We’re doing our interviews over video, our technical assessments are online and people are still starting new jobs, albeit virtually. Find out more >

Our Society

A different philosophy

Our Society

We make history, but the future is our focus

We’ve been pioneers since 1846 and we’re proud of our achievements, but take a look and discover what our Society is like today. We’re evolving, growing and offering a huge range of career opportunities for people who share our values and ambition.

A place to call home

Nationwide Our Society video

Chairman’s view

"Nationwide might look like a bank. We certainly offer products and services that look the same, but are quite different in practice. We start from a very different place, one that has profound implications. What truly defines us is that, as a mutual, we are owned by our members."

(TEAM) Exec Roles

Executive roles

Our members are at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we look for leaders with integrity, who can also inspire, motivate and think afresh. We're far greater together than the sum of our parts so we’re building a more connected leadership community. And we're investing in leaders at every level of our business.

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Building our Society, nationwide

Our culture is built upon providing legendary service for our thriving membership of over 15 million members. From the way we communicate to how we innovate our products, we put people first and keep their best interests at heart. These values aren’t new, they are what the Society was founded on and they underpin how we do things today. Join us on our journey building Society, nationwide.

We have many high performing Ex-Military employees, and we're keen to welcome more

No matter what part of the Military you're leaving, your background is invaluable to an organisation like Nationwide Building Society. The ethos and values that bind all three services are something you are very familiar with and will have always endeavoured to live your life by.

At Nationwide we not only recognise these qualities, we live by them too. A focus on doing the right thing, integrity and discipline can be found right across the business. It is and will remain the foundation of the Society.

We offer a challenging career that will feed your ambition and determination to succeed. Over recent years Nationwide has grown from strength to strength - those who join us become part of something bigger than just a 9-5.

And for ex-military personnel with a tech or agile background, there are a range of roles to suit your skills. Visit our Tech Talent page to find our more.

If you have any questions about what it’s like to leave the military and work for Nationwide, please email

Father And Son

Why don't dads work part-time?

Many dads would like to play a more active part in raising their children, just as many women want to have time to focus on their careers as well as parenthood. Graham, our Head of Strategy Development, was over-joyed when his new son was born but the two weeks paternity leave was over too soon. He was back at work, leaving before the baby woke up, home just before bedtime. He knew he wanted a bigger role. Here’s his story:

Shared parenting

"Roll forward 9 months and my wife is returning to work and I'm feeling pretty happy with life – I’m about to start 3 months shared parental leave. First day. Boundless energy and enthusiasm. Baby classes planned out. House spotless. I'm winning at life. Roll forward ten days. Soooo tired. Austin's reaction to ever-present Mum going back to work - to wake-up every 20 minutes every night for 2 weeks. Everything is an effort. House is a disaster zone. Feel like an outsider in the 'mum' (not parent) and baby classes.

Go part-time - me?

"Halfway through the 3 months my wife and I had a deep discussion about our desire to have a balanced approach to parenting and what that actually means in practice. We were 100% on the same page and we talked through our options, but we just couldn't work out how to reconcile our view of family life, our career ambitions and our financial needs. And then my wife made a suggestion: why didn't I work part-time. We both jumped on that – which day, what about nursery, child development, future job opportunities, commuting time, money. So many things to talk about and get your head round – it wasn’t straight forward, but we found a way where we thought we could make it work.

"Looking back it feels quite telling that it wasn't my idea to work part-time, but yet we had been discussing for months my wife returning to work part-time. Why is it 'obvious' for my wife to return part-time (people continually asked her about it), but the thought hadn't even crossed my mind - I'd never come across another Dad doing it, no-one asked me about it.

"I had a keeping in touch day coming up when I would ask my boss about part-time working. I planned what I'd say, prepared for questions, played it through in my head. What if he said no? How would it change people's perceptions of me? Could I do my job working part-time? Would I let my team down? Would it impact my career? I felt anxious, I felt fearful. Then the day came. I sat down opposite my boss, pensive, and started explaining what I wanted to do and why. Psyched up, expecting challenge, but what I got was 'I want to help you'. Just five words, but an amazing feeling.

"So, here I am. 18 months into working part-time. 4 days a week, 80% contract. Every Wednesday off. Father and son one-on-one time. The zoo, steam trains, trampoline parks, camping, seaside - every Wednesday is our little adventure.


"It hasn't been easy though. It took me 6 months to adjust. I felt I had to relearn how I work, my style of management, how I prioritise, how I communicate. That meant I got some things wrong (and still do), that I got frustrated, that others found adjusting hard too. But I look back and am proud of how adaptable I was and the response of those around me. I truly believe my team feel more empowered, that trust amongst the team is stronger and we have been able to develop as a team and individuals faster.

"Now I shouldn't just paint the 'sunny' image of my day off. In the past few months, I've been vomited on, weed on, been given sickness bugs and dealt with numerous meltdowns (some in public). But none of that really matters. What matters to me is playing an active role in family life, having a balanced parenting approach, yet still having support and opportunities to further my career. It can be difficult at times but I wouldn't change being a part-time working Dad for the world."



Our values embody what we stand for as a mutual

Who we are and what we believe in are summed up by five little letters that mean a lot. Put simply, the PRIDE values are the heart and soul of what we do, and how we behave and interact at nationwide.

P - Putting our members and their money first

  • We understand how we make a difference to our members and how to put their needs first
  • We focus on efficiency in order to deliver best value for our members
  • We help members make the most of their money throughout life, recognising changing needs and rewarding loyalty

R - Rising to the challenge

  • We’re always learning and improving, seeking new ways to be better at what we do
  • We are open-minded and flexible in responding to change
  • We show courage in the face of difficulty and persist in finding the best outcomes possible

I - Inspiring trust

  • We work with confidence and integrity and deliver on our commitments
  • We provide long term financial security to our members, keeping their interests safe and sound
  • We passionately champion Nationwide by sharing our story with members and each other

D - Doing the right thing in the right way

  • We trust and support each other to make decisions and find the best solutions for our members
  • We embrace diversity, exercising fairness and care for others in our actions
  • We behave as one team, living our shared purpose every day and making a positive difference to members and each other

E - Excelling at relationships

  • We make every day easy for members, caring about them in big moments and tough times, and helping them to achieve their dreams
  • We provide service that is heartfelt, easy, lifelong and personal
  • We connect with and serve our members in a way that fits in with their lives