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We all need a network

Our inclusion and diversity mission

Our mission is to build an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive, and for our society to reflect the diversity of the wider communities we serve. We thrive when we’re allowed to be ourselves.

People are placing more value on careers that offer a diversity of experience, meaning and purpose. They want to be true to themselves in the workplace. We want that for them too. Because we know it doesn’t just make for a happier more fulfilling workplace. It increases innovation, drives better decision-making and boosts performance.

And that means we can do our best by our 15 million Customers. This is why we’re making sure that inclusion and diversity is at the heart of how we do things and what we do at Nationwide.

Using data to guide us
We keep track of our measures to work towards our aims, and we evolve as our environment does.

As the diversity of the UK changes, our diversity measures will change alongside it. For inclusion and wellbeing, our measures are benchmarked against other financial service providers and high performing organisations across industries. All measures are tracked and reported to our leadership team and board each month.

We measure diversity at different levels. We track gender at a senior level and the following across all levels of the organisation:

  • ethnicity
  • disability and long term conditions
  • LGBTQ+

Each year we review our progress and set an interim measure for the following year to help us stay on track to meet them.. You can find more details here.

Real change, led by our people
We’re creating an environment where we can bring our true selves to work, no matter what our differences may be.

We know the power our people can bring to inclusion and diversity. So, we encourage them to share ideas and experiences. And to engage others in doing their bit for our Society.

Our 11 Employee Network Groups and 4 Support Groups are open to all colleagues, including those who share similar characteristics or life experiences and who want to connect with others.

Meet our Employee Networks

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Our goal is to embrace the value our colleagues with disabilities bring. And encourage a culture where everyone can thrive.

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We aim to increase understanding between colleagues of religious and non-religious beliefs.

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Gender equality is our network’s vision. We work to create, foster and nurture an inclusive culture at Nationwide across the gender spectrum

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Leading Nationwide's internal conversations on sustainability, we’re helping to accelerate our colleagues’ transition to a greener life at work and home through discussion, debate and action on climate change.

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Our Mental Health Network is focused on mental health and emotional wellbeing.  It’s run by employees for employees.  And our vision is to transform how colleagues think, and to talk openly about mental health.

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Encouraging people to demonstrate allyship and creating visible LGBTQ+ role models are 2 of the key priorities for our network.

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There’s no place for racism in Nationwide. We bring together people from different cultures and their allies. We work hard to accelerate change, amplify diverse voices and champion multiculturalism.

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Our military network aims to support colleagues with a military connection. Membership includes military spouses, veterans, reservists and colleagues with family serving in the military.

Armed Forces Careers
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The Social Mobility Employee Network has been set up to support colleagues from all walks of life to realise their full potential.

And some of our other Employee Networks and Support Groups

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Our Working Carers Network provides support to our employees who also provide care for their loved ones.

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The Working Families Network is Mummies, Daddies, Nannies, Grandads, Aunties, Uncles, Cousins and all other family members, that come together to share experiences and help support one another.

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We offer a safe place for bereaved parents who have suffered any kind of baby loss and those struggling with fertility.

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Man2Man is an initiative that wants all men thinking about their wellbeing, talking about how they feel and taking positive action.

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We want to raise awareness of a really important topic that's been overlooked for too long.

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Our goal is to help drive more women into technology​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ roles to help our workforce become more diverse, as well as breaking down barriers that prevent women from accessing technology careers.

Women in Tech

Minds Matter - Championing workplace mental health