Starting to look for new role

When you are starting to look for a new role you might want to consider:


You will have built up a number of contacts at Nationwide since you joined. Some people find it helpful to reach out to their network for help and advice when they are looking for a new role. Ask people for their honest opinions around your strengths and weaknesses and roles they think might be suitable for you. This is a great way of finding out about upcoming vacancies as well.

Think about your strengths and where these fit within Nationwide:

Starting to think about your current situation, your motivations, strengths and areas of development for the future will help you understand where your skills fit in to other areas of Nationwide. By understanding your current strengths and what you enjoy in a job role this will help you identify potential areas of the business of that your skills align to. 

To help to identify your strengths you should think of:

  • What you're successful at doing
  • What you regularly use 
  • What comes naturally to you and is easy for you to pick up
  • What gets you interested or energised 
  • What you are an expert in or role model

Nationwide Behaviours 

The Nationwide behaviours framework outlines 12 behaviours aligned to 3 broad principles - Self, others and business. Each bahaviours has an overall description and then for each job level a number of typical indicators of that behaviour. You may find it useful to familiarise yourself with these behaviours and understand what hiring managers will be looking for at each job level. Aligning your strengths and skills to these behaviours may also be worthwhile.

How much do you know about other business areas?

Use the below links to find out more about different business areas within Nationwide 


Register for job alerts 

You may wish to register for job alerts on our careers site by registering via the internal jobs pages.