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Security & Resilience

Security & Resilience

Meet the team

Security & Resilience is a diverse team of people with a wide range of experience, specialisms and remits. What unites us is our vision to enable Nationwide to be the most trusted brand in the UK Financial Services sector, protecting customer’s money and data, and our focus to make sure our services are always available when our customer’s need them and secure at all times. To achieve that vision our work can be grouped into three main areas:

Our work across the Society to identify and reduce security, privacy and operational resilience risks​;

Our work to anticipate and prepare for incidents to ensure the Society is ready to respond to and recover from any incident, thereby reducing its impact​;

Our work to support the Society to operate in a safe, secure and transparent way which engenders trust in us by our customers, regulators and other stakeholders.

Focused, fit and fast in Security & Resilience

Learn more about the role and future of Security & Resilience as we work to become the UK's first choice banking provider.
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What you'll be doing

In addition to working for an organisation that forms part of the UK Critical National Infrastructure, Nationwide is also an organisation with a strong social purpose. Focusing in on our team, we are spread right across the UK with hybrid working the norm. There's a strong focus on learning and development to make sure we continue to have the skills required to help Nationwide guard effectively against the threats of both today and tomorrow.

Current vacancies

Explore our current vacancies and apply for roles at Nationwide.

Data Privacy Security and Resilience Consultant

Circa £50,000

Location 1 Threadneedle Street (London), Northampton Office, Nationwide House (Swindon) Contract Permanent

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Technical Security Architect - EN03 Engineer E3

Circa £80,000

Location Nationwide House (Swindon), Sheffield Contact Centre, Portman House (Bournemouth), Northampton Office, 1 Threadneedle Street (London) Contract Permanent

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Security & Resilience Consultant

Circa £65,000

Location 1 Threadneedle Street (London), Nationwide House (Swindon) Contract Permanent

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There are 4 vacancies in Security & Resilience
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Simply brilliant service in Security & Resilience

Get a behind the scenes look with our Security & Resilience colleagues as we work to become the UK's first choice banking provider.
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Using your skills

You don't need to start at the bottom. There are plenty of transferable skills you can bring as a career changer.

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