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StarTech FAQs

Everything you want to know about StarTech

StarTech FAQs

Can anyone apply for StarTech?

StarTech is an entry level learning programme designed for those interested in making a career change to work in the technology space. So, if you’re up for the challenge, be sure to apply!

However, if you have applied for StarTech or our Technology Development Programme within the last 12 months, you are not eligible to apply.

I have had a career break or just returned from maternity, can I apply?

Of course! The programme is designed to support anyone who is ready for career development or a career change.

I have a disability, what adjustments will you make?

Nationwide are proud members of the Disability Confident scheme. If you have a disability, please let us know as we are committed to interview all disabled applicants that meet our minimum criteria for the role. This information will not impact the outcome of your application.

Do I need any background in technology to get onto this programme?

We are not looking for previous technology experience or knowledge. If you are successful in joining us it means you have demonstrated “Digital Readiness” and are ready for our programme.

When do I need to prove my right to work in the UK?

We'll ask you to bring proof of your right to work to the assessment centre.

How many people is the programme looking to take on?

We’re looking to take on up to 15 people. We’d like a diverse pool of candidates on the programme since it will provide a rich opportunity for learning, personal growth and skills development. We’ll also set up buddy groups to support learners.

How do I apply?

Follow the link in the job advertisement.

Time Commitment

What are the timescales of StarTech?

StarTech will run for 10 weeks in total. The programme will be 7 days of intensive training, running over 2 weeks (4 days and 3 days).
The remaining 8 weeks will be a 2.5 hour daytime virtual class and a 2.5 hour evening virtual session each week.

How much time do I need to commit each week over the 10 weeks?

The programme will start with 7 days of in persons intensive training, running over 2 weeks (4 days and 3 days). The remaining 8 weeks will have 2 virtual sessions per week (each 2.5 hours). Plus you are likely to want to do some further independent reading or activities (roughly 3 hours per week).

How is the programme organised?

This is an example of how the programme is structured. Whilst subject to minor change, it gives a good idea of what to expect.
Weeks 1 & 2 will focus on getting you started. Week 1: 4 days in a foundation bootcamp in Central London followed Week 2: 3 days learning about Responsive UI design, again in Central London.

In Weeks 3-10 there will be a different topic covered each week in the two virtual sessions. Each session will last 2.5 hours, the first during daytime, the latter in an evening. We’ll cover JavaScript, JavaScript libraries, Using VueJS to consume data and update the UI, Setting up a server using Node, Data foundation (SQL and NoSQL), Writing a full stack API, Getting deeper into data, Asking data questions using Python, Using Python libraries to visualise data. The final week is Project Week where we’ll ask you to complete your web application and showcase your learning. In Weeks 3-10 there will be some Self-driven learning via the Pluralsight online tool. Roughly 3hours per week.

I don’t know if I can commit to attending all of the sessions due to other commitments, what can I do?

The programme covers a wide breadth of learning and we cover it at pace. There is an element of homework alongside your StarTech buddies that runs in parallel to the learning, therefore we need all successful candidates to be able to commit to all the sessions to ensure you and other StarTechers can get the most from the programme. Can you commit to that?

Programme timings

When the programme will start?

Learning starts late April 2020. It will take 10 weeks and complete at the end of June.

How much notice will I get of the sessions so I can decide if I can commit?

We’ll aim to notify people by the end of March the exact times and dates of the weekly sessions and initial days in London so you have time to make any arrangements.

Do the days in London need to be attended in person?

The days in London need to be attended face to face. They are intensive learning sessions and immerse learners in subjects that may be new to them. This is also the opportunity for people to get to know each other and to set up effective buddy groups.
These will be full day sessions, 4 days in the first week, 3 days in the second. Exact dates are to be confirmed.

What will the start times and duration of the virtual sessions be, particularly the evening sessions?

Daytime virtual sessions will be for 2.5 hours and we are waiting for confirmation of exact timings. We anticipate evening sessions will start around 6pm but again are waiting for confirmation of exact timings.

Dress code

What do I need to wear for the assessment sessions?

We want you to feel comfortable so that you do your best. For some people this may be a suit, for others something less formal - it really is up to you, there is no formal dress code.

What is the dress code for the StarTech programme?

Whatever you're comfortable in - it's that simple.

Assessment process

How are delegates selected?

We have a thorough assessment process which is designed to make sure we invite people with the right potential to join the development programme.
We start with an on-line assessment - it looks at your potential and openness to learn, not how technical you are. Next is a brief phone call to find a little more about you and finally you’ll be invited to a ½ day assessment centre where we'll interview you and ask you to do a case study.

Can I practice the online assessment before I attempt it?

Yes - there is a practice assessment you can do online before you take the actual online assessment. The actual assessment needs to be completed in one attempt.

What happens at the in-person assessment session in London?

We'll explain the process to you, so you’ll know exactly what to expect. You'll have an interview where we'll ask you a series of questions. You'll then have a break before we ask you to do a case study. We'll give you some information, explain what we want you to do and what to focus on and leave you to explore the case study. We then want to you to feedback your case study findings to us.

How quickly will I know if I'm successful?

We'll let you know as soon as we can.

Do I need to bring anything?

The most important element is a hunger to learn! You’ll need a basic laptop but we’ll provide all the learning materials. We’ll share more details if you are successful and join the programme.


Is the programme accredited? Do I get a qualification?

There is no formal qualification at the end of the programme but we're looking at providing digital badges issued by City & Guilds which means you can use them to demonstrate your competence to others.

Which areas of technology will the training make me suitable for?

This programme will give you some widely used tech skills so you can decide if you want to progress as a technologist. Throughout the programme we'll work with you to help you decide if a future in technology is right for you and provide you with some possible options. These options link into our Technology Development Programme.

Will it cost me anything? Do I get paid?

How much does StarTech cost me?

Nothing. This is part of Nationwide’s mission to retrain and upskill people.

Will I get paid?

Not for the training. If you don't work for Nationwide we won't be able to pay you to do the training but we are giving you some great skills that you can use.
If you graduate from the StarTech programme, there is an opportunity to move to the final assessment stage for our Technology Development Programme (which is a paid role).

What’s next after StarTech?

Am I guaranteed a job at the end of the 12 weeks?

It’s not guaranteed but successful completion of the StarTech Programme is the first step for entry onto our Accelerator scheme within the Technology Development Programme (TDP). An offer of a place on the TDP is subject to suitable roles being available but you would have cleared the first hurdle by attending StarTech. We will work alongside you to ensure your skills and experience match your future career aspirations.

Is the Technology Development Programme (TDP) the only option for me?

Not necessarily. TDP is the next development programme to advance your skills further. We know there are some people who may already have the skills and just need a refresher, or confidence boost that this is right for them. If you have the right level of skills and experience then you can apply for any of our advertised technology roles at

What if I decide StarTech isn’t for me?

Spaces are limited so we are asking for commitment from each person to complete the programme and get the full benefit. We will support you throughout and work with you to make the decisions that are right for you.

Do you support dynamic/flexible working?

Yes - Nationwide supports dynamic / flexible working and is something you can discuss further with us should you move into a technology role.

Get in touch

I've got a question — who can I talk to?

For the StarTech Programme please contact: and we’ll get back to you.

After you have submitted your application and want to find out what happens next, please contact:

Can I speak to someone who's been through the programme?

After initial online assessment, yes. Please contact and let us know you’d like to do this and we’ll find someone for you to speak to.