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Application Process

Preparing your application

Applying for a new job can be daunting, so we've tried to make everything as simple and straightforward as possible for you. Remember, we're here to help you present yourself in the best possible light.

How do I know what to apply for?

Before you apply, we recommend that you take a look at our values and a few of our employee stories. We receive a lot of applications each year, so we'll want to know why you think you'd enjoy working here, and what attracted you to Nationwide.

We have a lot of programmes to choose from, so take your time to pick roles which feel right for you. If you're having trouble shortlisting a number of roles, you may like to look around and use the 'save jobs' feature on our careers site to help you narrow down a few options. 

“ The recruitment process is a two-way street - you need to make sure that Nationwide is the right place for you, so ask us questions; we want to show you why we're such a great company to launch your career with! ”

Sarah, Emerging Talent Delivery Consultant

Our application process


Step 1

  • Submit your CV and complete the statement question which forms part of your online application.
  • For the statement question - we'll be asking you about Nationwide's values and how they may align with your own.

Step 2

  • Complete 5 online tests (60 minutes in total), which will include: 

    1. Personality Questionnaire on your preferred working style and behaviours
    2. 'Views' - a questionnaire that captures your interests and motivations
    3. Inductive logical reasoning test
    4. Deductive logical reasoning test
    5. Verbal reasoning test

    You will have five-days to complete these – (extensions can be requested by e-mailing

Step 3

  • If you're shortlisted after the online tests, we'll arrange a 20 minute telephone interview to get to know you a bit better. On the call we'll ask you about your strengths; what do you enjoy doing and why?

Step 4 - The Final Stage!

  • If you’ve applied to one of our Development Programmes you’ll be invited to a half-day assessment centre with assessors from your chosen programme area
  • If you’ve applied to an Industrial Placement or Summer Internship, you’ll be invited to have a face-to-face interview with representatives from your chosen programme area

“ When writing your CV, keep it simple; start by identifying five or six things you've done that you're really proud of. Then, write down how these achievements highlight your personal strengths. This can be everything from studying for a particular module, taking part in sporting events, or challenges you've faced in the workplace. ”

Holly, Emerging Talent Resourcer

What happens when I apply?

As soon as you apply, we’ll manage your expectations of the timelines for each stage you get through. We keep you updated throughout the recruitment process on what will happen next to your application.

Top Tips

  • Practice, Practice, Practice – The more you practice the online assessments the more familiar you’ll become with them. Which should help to ease your nerves when it comes to the real thing! You can do plenty of these here.
  • Be honest when you answer the online assessment question, we want to find out about the real you - not what you think is the answer we want to hear.
  • Another pair of eyes – get a friend or family member to have a read through your application before you submit it. Simple spelling or grammatical mistakes can often be missed, so make sure to enlist the help of someone you trust to have a quick scan through.
  • What are you proud of and what do you enjoy? – these are some of the things to think about before you take your strengths-based interview. We’re looking to find out what you’re good at and what energises you; rather than just looking at what you’ve done in your past we want to look at your potential.
  • Don’t wait until the close date to submit your application. If we receive a high volume of applications, we may have to close the advert earlier than expected. So, don’t hesitate; make sure to get your application in as soon as you can.
  • Don’t rush your answers to our statement question. This is often the first part of your application and is an integral part of the process. So, you want to make sure you stand out – ensuring your answers are well-written and demonstrating that you’ve taken time to think about the question and your answer.

“ Be yourself; we want to meet the 'real you' as that's the person we'll be working with day to day. It's a great chance to show us how you'd make a great addition to the Society. If you're nervous, try to remember that we genuinely do want you to do your best! ”

Val, Emerging Talent Delivery Manager

Apply today!

If your application is successful, you'll join Nationwide in September 2018.