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A rewarding career is based on more than just qualifications. Whether you've got A-levels or GCSE's under your belt, why not see if Nationwide can help kick start your career?

What are Apprenticeships?

If you're 16 or over and you're looking for paid on-the-job learning, an Apprenticeship could be for you. Apprenticeships are work based training programmes combining paid training with nationally recognised qualifications.

If you don't want to go to university, an Apprenticeship is a direct and affordable route into a skilled job and career, you'll have the opportunity to earn whilst you learn.

Why choose an Apprenticeship at Nationwide?

Our Apprentices are valued members of the team, doing a real job as part of the world's largest Building Society. But what makes our apprentices really different is that we pay them at least £8.45 per hour (£15,379) per year. That's nearly 2.5x the minimum apprentice wage of £3.50 per hour (£6,370 per year).

What do we do differently?

You can expect some things you might not typically get at other organisations.  With Nationwide you’ll be part of a network of people - other Apprentices, but also Graduates and Industrial Placements Students.  You’ll have a wide variety of people to consult and collaborate with, giving you the perfect opportunity to build your skill set.  Even more, we’ll provide additional soft skills learning in a number of areas such as Influencing, Presentation Skills, Self Awareness and Communication.  With a dedicated Emerging Talent Team focused on watching out for your best interests, you’ll be well supported.

What Apprenticeships do we offer?

We offer 4 types of Apprenticeships and each typically takes between one and five years to complete depending on the level.

 Apprenticeships  Level  Equivalent education level
 Intermediate  2  5 GCSE passes at grade A* to C
 Advanced  3  2 A level passes
 Higher  4 and 5  Foundation degree
 Degree  6 and 7  Bachelor's or Master's degree

We’ve recruited over 100 Apprentices across the UK in a variety of business areas including Retail, HR, Contact Centres, Digital & Change, Finance and Marketing & Engagement.

In 2016 we offered 10 different frameworks and we’re really proud to include 2 Degree Apprenticeships which is a 1st at Nationwide.


“ What I like about the apprenticeship programme is that the progression is as fast (or slow!) as I want it to be. I’m not being held to the standards of the person next to me, which gives me a lot more independence. ”

Stephen, Technical Practice Apprentice

Who can apply?

You can join at any age from 16 years old. The minimum requirements differ based on the type of Apprenticeship you're applying for, and will be detailed in the job advert.

Sadly, we cannot accept your application if you:

  • Have a Degree
  • Don't live in the UK

How and when can I apply?

If you'd like to know more, you can register for Apprenticeship job alerts. That way, you can be sure we'll email you as soon as we start hiring.