We’re a member led organisation, which for us means delivering change that meets our members’ needs and delivers an excellent customer and colleague experience. We have opportunities in a range of business areas across a number of different roles, within our Delivery Management and Business Design teams.

There are over 3,500 people working on the delivery of circa 200 projects at any one time. We’ve recently announced an investment of £4.1 billion to introduce new products and services, deliver the simplification of our IT infrastructure and develop innovative new technology, providing a wealth of new opportunities. You can expect the role to be varied, challenging, energetic and rewarding, coupled with opportunities to deliver and lead.

What you’ll do

From day one, you’ll be involved with business-critical projects and experience first-hand a range of initiatives varying in strategic theme, size, scale and complexity.

You’ll be involved in completing key project activities and tasks, engaging and managing key stakeholders and improving your understanding of change management and project methodologies. In addition to playing an active part of the project team, you will embark on a tailored and insightful development journey, offered exclusively to our Emerging Talent.

As you learn more about successfully delivering change across the Society, you will be awarded more responsibility and have the opportunity to hone your teamworking and leadership skills. This scheme will arm you with essential skills to fast-track your career – business acumen, commercial and strategic awareness and building lasting, effective relationships. If you already have any experience within change delivery, that’s a bonus.

Words and phrases that describe you: logical, creative problem-solver, attention to detail, decisive, proactive, team leader, inquisitive, resilient, digitally savvy, good communicator, well-organised, pragmatic, great with people

Please note, as part of the selection process for this scheme, assessment centres won’t commence until January 2019. If you have any questions about the Change scheme, contact the team at: 

Applications for our Digital Graduate Scheme are now closed for 2019